Like a Bad Disney Movie

My runs this week have felt like a bad Disney movie.


Last Saturday, Tiffany and I rejoined the Striders at the park after a long 3 week absence due to my injury.  We ran 6 miles and although it was a struggle, it felt good to run a longer distance again.


As we ran the trail, we spotted several animals searching for their early morning nibbles.  A small bunny hopped through the tall grass and a young deer trotted across the trail.


Just a few feet short of 3 miles, a horse fly started harassing us, however, we were prepared for any attacks.  For our trail runs, we now carry a washcloth or a small gym towel to swat at those pesky pests.  Knowing that there are more to come after our last horse fly encounter, we decided to turn around and head back to the start.


David, the Striders Organizer, paced with Tiffany and I on our return trip and we caught a glimpse of a rainbow stretched across the sky which led us the way home.  It was magically delicious!

Distance 6 miles

Time 1:10:11

Ave Pace 11:42


With the kids starting school this week, I’ve had to get back in the routine of waking up before my family to squeeze in my early morning runs.  But the sun is rising later, so the mornings are really dark again.  I became spoiled this summer running in the morning sun.  Now, I’m running scared in the dark, like Snow White running through the dark forest trying to escape the death sentence of  an Evil Queen.  With scary sewers clown and stalkers looming in the dark corners, I don’t enjoy running in the dark.  I can’t wait until the weather cools and I can run in the morning sun again after dropping both kids off at school.


As a habit, I always brush my teeth before bolting out the door for my morning run.  I know that there are runners that can barely remember to dress themselves in the morning, let along brush their teeth, however, I never know which neighbor I will run into and I prefer a minty fresh breath for those encounters.  But when I saw my stalker, I wished I had forgotten to polish my pearly whites.  Perhaps some nasty, funky morning dragonbreath will keep him away. 


On my way back home, I noticed a friend’s daughter running to catch the bus without breaking a sweat and at a much faster pace than me.  (Her dad can run marathons in 3 hours flat, so speed is in the blood.)  As I hollered a hello, I was glad I remembered to brush my teeth.  Too bad I called her by the wrong name!  I didn’t call her by her sister’s name (Emelina) or her mom’s name (Sarah).  I selected some random name: Emily.  Then, when I thought about it, it’s actually a combination of both the sisters’ names (Emelina + Izzy = Emily), which is quite clever.  Sure, it is.  I blame calling out the wrong name on my confused, dehydrated, over-heated state of mind while running in the dark. 


It’s a sad day when the mind begins to go.


Tuesday 8/25

Distance 3 miles

Time 30:04

Ave Pace 10:01


Wednesday 8/26

Distance 3.35

Time 33:11

Ave Pace 9:54


  1. Sarah Brown says:

    Ha ha ha.. I love when my family stars in your blogs! I asked Izzie about it and she said she didn’t even hear you call her by the wrong name. She runs with her MP3 Player- she can’t hear much else. No worries!

  2. Cascia @ Healthy Moms says:

    Good to hear you are running again. By the way, I love the title to this article it fits it well. Maybe if you run in the dark you can get help from the deer and rabbits like Snow White. I think I would be too scared to venture out after dark as well.

  3. lindsay says:

    that’s the exact reason why i haven’t ran in the morning… i’ve been too scared of the dark! being in an unknown area with the work-traveling doesn’t help either…

    glad you are back on the roads again and safely logging miles!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea your stalker was still out there. You are sooo brave to run in the dark by yourself!

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