Namaste for National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month, so how about celebrating with some stretching with a Warrior Pose?


I love yoga, but any runner can appreciate the value it adds to his/her training.  Yoga helps strengthen and lengthen muscle groups and minimize chances of injury.  With the aid of yoga, runners can increase core strength and improve overall performance.  Plus, adding yoga to a rest day following a long run will help with recovery. 


If yoga is not part of your work-out routine, I highly recommend that you try it for the next 30 days for National Yoga Month to see if you notice an improvement in your performance. 


To honor National Yoga Month, many yoga studios are offering a free trial class or even one free week, however, if you can’t find a studio, try the following video segments from a DVD entitled Yoga for Runners produced by MommYoga.










***Thanks to my BFF Running Betty for sending me the tweet about National Yoga Month. 😉


  1. RunningBetty says:

    you’re welcome. I also downloaded a Yoga For Runners routine from Yoga Downloads and do that in the back of the room when Wendy has Karate with my Yoga Paws and headphones on.

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