Getting Down to Bizniz

“Half Marathon training officially begins tomorrow. Bring it on,” read my running mommy friend’s status update on Facebook.


Her status update startled me like a loud buzzing alarm clock waking me from a sound sleep.


What the?! What half marathon?!  Which half marathon is twelve weeks away?! 


Is the Women’s half only 12 weeks away?


I opened my Outlook calendar to count the number of weeks until the Women’s Half on November 22.  Counting this Sunday, the race is only 11 weeks away.




 Holy pacing, Batman!  I need to get back into the game!


I thanked Laura for the reminder and the motivating update to help me focus and rev up my training again.  I downloaded Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan, posted it on my fridge and e-mailed a copy to Tiffany with the subject line “we are so screwed” to prepare her as well.  Considering that Tiffany and I ran 6 miles last Saturday albeit pathetic at best, we still attempted it and it starts us right where we should be according to my almighty Hal.


The upside to this sudden and urgent desire to get training again will also get me on track with the Longleaf Triathlon International Relay, which is only 6 weeks away.  As the runner on the relay team, I need to finish a 10K in less than 50 minutes to place at least third according to last year’s stats.  And for the simple fact that my team is relying on me, I need to pick up the pace for sure.  Then, there’s also the Race for the Cure 10K in 3 weeks, which will provide me with an opportunity to determine how I will perform at Longleaf.


So this morning, I jumped out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to run 3 miles.  No more lying in and complaining about time off from my injury, the dark, allergies, asthma, my DH’s new schedule or my kid’s school schedule!  It’s time to get serious and down to bizniz!  With that, I decided to run my “race pace” in the dark.


3.16 miles

Time 30:54

Ave Pace 9:47


Not exactly my race pace, but it’s an improvement from Monday’s run.  I’ll run another 3 miles tomorrow morning and then, Tiffany and I will go for 6 miles again this Saturday with the Striders.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Your e-mail completely freaked me out. I thought we had waaay more time–oops! It did, however, inspire me to go for a run this evening IN THE DARK! I know that with Hal by our side, we can get it together in time!

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