Keeping Up with the Bump

My paces prior to Saturday’s Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K were up and down, but I felt confident that I could finish under 40 minutes.


The night before the race I slept horribly.  I haven’t had a decent night sleep in months, but Friday night seemed even worse than usual.  I don’t know if I was nervous about my prego performance at the race or about the weather.  The forecast predicted 85% chance of rain and 45 degree temperatures at 8:00 a.m.  Have I mentioned how much I hate running in the rain?


My running partner, Tiffany, couldn’t make the race, but my friends, Mike, Chrissy and her sister, Angie would all be there.




The rain came down in full force just as the first wave of runners began crossing the start line and bitter memories of last year’s Gasparilla marathon flashed into my mind.  Since I had no intention of running fast, I stayed in the back as the crowd slowly meandered to the start line.  By the time Chrissy and I crossed the start line, we were 7 minutes into the race.





Since I forgot to check the water station stops on the race map prior to race day, I carried a water bottle with me.  Even though the rain would keep me cool and hydrated, I wanted to keep fluids in my body.  Hopefully, my bladder would feel the same since I forgot to wear a panty liner.


My running plan was to run 1 mile and walk a bit.  Run another mile and walk a bit more and then finish the last mile running.  When I found a water station, it would be a welcomed break.


I did really well for my first mile. Too well. I actually caught myself running a 9:30 mm pace and forced myself to slow down (doctor’s orders).  I finished mile 1 in 11:28 even though the clock said otherwise.




For mile 2, some military men moved in and their chants caused the crowd to clear a path for them.  These service men had a decent pace going and I ran with them for the next mile, however, I don’t think they would be happy to know that they were running the speed of a pregnant mama.  LOL  But in all truthfulness, their chants highly motivated me and all the other runners pacing alongside the soldiers.



After mile 2, I spotted a water station and the soldiers and I parted our ways.  I guzzled three cups of water while enjoying the view of the bay and the home stretch.




The last mile went fast even though my pace was slow.  Isn’t funny how 3 miles seem like a warm-up after you are accustomed to running longer distances? But even at my slower than usual pre-pregnancy pace, I finished under 40 minutes.




Clock Time: 42:58

Chip Time: 36:01

Ave Pace: 11:32.6

Max Pace: 8:36 (according to my Garmin)

Overall Place: 5438 / 9650

Gender Place: 2593 / 5585

Div Place: 354 / 785

Age Grade: 42.1%

Run DMT Grade: 100% KICK A$$!



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  1. dwyatt64 says:

    I love how the medal accentuates the belly in the last photo. Maybe that pendulum action over the baby will produce a future runner!!!!

  2. lindsay says:

    congrats denise! 🙂 i can only imagine how bummed you were about not running the marathon, especially since it was the last. i guess you’ll just have to own the half or 15k next year? 😉 you are a cute bump-running-mama!

  3. the Ringmaster says:

    Ha! I’m thinking I need to check which race you’re running at Gasparilla and then run ANY OTHER RACE. You and rain, girl! Considering how cold and wet it was out there, I’m especially impressed with you and your bump. An athlete is an athlete . . . congrats on a great run; can’t wait to see how the little one keeps you running . . .

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