Juneathon, Day 7 & 8

By committing to the Juneathon, I agreed to participate and post my activity every day. Well, I am most definitely participating every day but sometimes living my glamorous life of a SAHM prevents me from posting every day. Oh yeah, it’s glamorous life all right. My fans (a.k.a my children) circle around my ankles continuously, especially with my youngest home now and my oldest daughter can’t seem to shake this strep throat funk that she caught a couple of weeks ago.






WHAT?! Can’t you see I’m trying to find my center? Now let Mommy “Om” in peace, PLEASE!


So things with my family have certainly kept me on my toes and I’ve been running around like a madwoman over the past couple of days. Although I barely fit yoga in my already stretched life, I managed to find center on Day 7 & 8 with the help of these videos I found on You Tube. The best part is I can stream these videos into the living room from our Sony TV. How’s that for finding center?











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