Juneathon, Days 10-17

All right, so I’m a little behind with blogging about my Juneathon days.  Have you noticed that the girls have been home a week and I haven’t blogged about my Juneathon activities for about a week?  Coincidence?  Hardly.


Day 10 – I did 30 minutes of prenatal yoga.

Day 11 – I took the kids to Busch Gardens.  Walking the amusement park was enough work-out for me that day.

Day 12 – I did 60 squats and 40push-ups while watching the World Cup.  GO USA and go me!  WOOHOO!

Day 13 – Another set of 60 squats and 40 push-ups.  Man, were my arms and legs killing me!

Day 14, 15, 16, and 17 – Monday began the girls’ swimming lessons at the YMCA.  After their classes, we “raced” in the pool.  For our races, the girls practiced their strokes while I swam like a frog.  Tomorrow is their final swim class and my last day to frog it for free at the YMCA.


Today was also my 36 week OB visit.  No signs of glucose in my urine, so I celebrated with a piece of chocolate cake.  No joke.  😀 Allana said she hoped the doctor told me to limit my sugar intake again because she enjoyed reaping the sweet rewards with me.  Let them eat cake!


When I told the midwife I had been really good over the past two weeks, she praised me for it as she glanced over a small notation in my file and I felt a bit like Elaine from Seinfeld.  “So, you’ve stayed away from the Cap’n Crunch?”  That was written in my file? What other notations have been made in there? “Yes, I’ve started eating Kashi again.”  And when I said it, I wondered if she wrote that down.




In other baby news, Baby Run DMT #3 has not turned, but my doctors predict that he will be a big baby and they’ve scheduled an ultrasound for my next visit to measure the baby’s size and bio.

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