Juneathon, Days 18-24

For the past couple of weeks, I have found it easier to blog about a week’s worth Juneathon activities in one post.  This may be breaking the Juneathon rules, but at this point I think my preggo piggy toes couldn’t fit into a pair of Vibram Five Finger Classics anyhow.  *sigh* Oh well. On with the Juneathon journaling!


Day 18 – Friday was the girls’ last swim class at the YMCA and I was really looking forward to another morning of swimming, but a nasty storm rolled in which forced everyone leave the premise of the pool.  So, I had to plan another way to fit fitness in that day and since I can always squeeze in some squats, I did a set of 50.  Later that night, the girls and I walked to a neighborhood party which was about a half mile from our house.


Day 19 – Outside of swimming, most physical activity is pretty challenging these days.  I attempted another set of 50 squats with lots of rest in between each set of 10.


Day 20 – Since Sunday was Father’s Day, most of my activities that day were tending to Dad.  HA!  Yeah right.  It sounded good though, didn’t it? In the evening, the girls rode their bikes while we walked behind them for about a mile.


Day 21 – I was in a ridiculous amount of pain on Monday due to my sciatica.  One concerned friend asked if I was in labor, but it wasn’t any sort of labor pain, just plain ol’ pain in the form of constant back pain.  I couldn’t even move.  It hurt to stand.  It hurt to sit.  Therefore, the only exercise I attempted on Monday was opening the freezer and reaching for an ice pack.


Day 22 – I felt 100% better on Tuesday and made up for lost time.  Besides all the housework and climbing up and down the stairs, I also threw in a set of push-ups.


Day 23 – Wednesday we arrived at the beach and I walked about a mile along the pier at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach.  That evening, the girls and I swam in the hotel pool.


Day 24 – This morning I walked two miles on the beach, but not on purpose.  It’s quite a tale, which I will share tomorrow for Photo Story Friday.

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