Postpartum Countdown

I have two weeks until my postpartum visit with my OB.  When she visited me in the hospital, she advised me to take it easy. (This is the same doctor that advised me NOT to run the marathon pregnant.)


Can I do some yoga?


No.  You may unknowingly rip or pull something.  Give your body a chance to heal.


Can I walk?


I would not attempt anything until your postpartum check-up.


Then, Allan chimed in and asked “Bottom line, Doctor. When can she run again?  That’s the real question.”  (He knows me so well. 🙂 )


“I would wait at least 4 weeks before you run again and even then I would ease into it”, my doctor advised me.


This week, I hit the 4 week mark and I’m feeling closer to my old self again, except for the hamstring and pelvic muscles I pulled during the birth and honestly, I find that to be the most bizarre occurrence.  In three years of running (2 marathons, 3 triathlons and 4 half marathons), I’ve never pulled a hamstring muscle, but squeezing out an 8 lb, 10 oz  baby caused all kinds of muscle strain.  And just for the record, running a marathon is WAY easier than giving birth.


Today as I roll into the 4 week mark, I feel like walking to celebrate.  Unfortunately, it’s raining buckets here, so I’ll have to put off walking for one more day.  *sigh*


But truthfully, I’m really looking forward to running again after my postpartum visit in two weeks.  WOOHOO!


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