Janathon Day 3 and Day 4

Janathon/JuneathonBy Day 3, my legs started to complain about all this running I had put them through.  My hamstrings were sore and my shins felt tight, but I ignored all the pain and pounded out another 3 miles.


After the first mile, the tightness faded away and my pace picked up a bit.  In fact, I shaved almost 2 minutes off Day 2’s time!  Now, if only I could shave 40 lbs off my weight.


Day 3
Distance 3.1 miles
Time 37:29
Ave Pace 12:05
Max Pace 9:19


After a long weekend, Allan returned to work this morning, so my late morning runs would have to come to end.   Being so committed to the Janathon and bringing sexy back, I set the alarm for 5:00 a.m. to squeeze in a quick run before hubby woke up.


Then, around 3:00 a.m. the baby woke for a feeding.  As I fed him, Liam and I drifted back to sleep but shortly that 5:00 a.m. alarm startled me from my short slumber.  It took every ounce of energy I had in me to get out of that bed but I knew I would feel so much better once I got it over with rather than wondering when I would fit it in after hubby left for work.


It was now or never.  So, I grabbed my long sleeve Mickey marathon shirt for motivation and to comfort me from the cool, damp Florida morning and I headed out the door for my first early morning run in nearly a year and a half.


But, I forgot how dark the roads are at 5:30 a.m.  Note self: Lay mace next to MP3 player and Garmin charging in its cradle.


It’s so surreal running in the dark early morning hours.  Although street lamps light most of the way, the roads adjacent to the Cypress swamps are pitch black.  In those spooky pitch black spots, it feels as though I’m running in mid air because I can’t see the road ahead of me.  Note to self: Lay flashlight next to mace next to MP3 player and charging Garmin.


My body may need to get accustomed to running in the early morning hours again because I ran a little slower on Day 4 than Day 3.


Day 4
Distance 3.1 miles
Time 38:30
Ave Pace 12:24
Max Pace 9:02


According to the Runner’s World First-Timer Training Plan, tomorrow (Day 5) is supposed to be a rest day, but according to the rules of the Janathon, I have to run.  So to please both programs and not kill myself, I will do some boot camp strength training stuff and then run one easy mile.


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  1. gene @boutdrz says:

    hey there! good for you to figure it out and get out there. also, very good of you to have figured out the boot(y?) camp and 1-miler.
    long live Janathon! (until the end of the month, then all bets are off!)

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