Random Thoughts about Some Pricks, a Strong Wind and the Runs

For me, running has always melted the pounds away, but I honestly I had no earthly idea that it would melt so quickly in such a short amount of time.  I realize that most diet plans recommend only losing 1-2 pounds a week, so I hope that I’m not losing weight too quickly.  But I ain’t gonna lie.  It also feels really freaking good to be losing all this baby weight so quickly and to be squeezing into smaller dress sizes every week. With each pound, I’ve double my wardrobe by fitting into some of my old clothes.


Each Saturday, I weigh myself after I return from my long run.  I only expected to have lost about a pound this week, so you can imagine my delight when my scale said I dropped another 4.5 pounds for a grand total of….drum roll16 pounds!!!   INCREDIBLE!


On Sunday, the ladies competing in my mom’s group Weight Loss Challenge (WLC) met at the gym where @jellisfl measured and calculated our loss for the first month.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with my progress!  I honestly don’t care if I win the WLC, because I’ve already won in my mind!  Here’s what @jellisfl calculated for me:


Inches lost- 18.7
Weight lost- 10.2
Body Fat % down 3
Fat mass down 9lbs


Last week, I went for my third round in three years of allergy testing to learn that I’m not allergic to oak any more but I’m allergy to some funky weed that doesn’t even grow in Florida.  WTF?  Whatever.  I’m not buying it or those dumb desensitizing drops for a year and pay a $35 co-pay every visit.  I’ll just stick with Zyrtec.  Thank you.  It seems to do the trick when my allergies flare up.


Because of that stupid skin prick test, I wasn’t allowed to run Thursday morning before the test.  So, Wednesday morning was the last morning I ran.  I had hoped to run on Friday morning but I had to complete a late phase of the skin prick test.  In other words, I had to walk around with rows of lovely bumps on my left arm and watch how the lesions developed in a 24 hour period.  Um…yeah…they developed into larger lesions and I looked like I had some bizarre fleshing eating disease.  So in 24 hours, I learned that I’m still allergic to EVERYTHING?!  Oh, except oak.  Duh!


Ironically from all the blood work I had done over the past few weeks, I’ve also learned that I have a Vitamin D deficiency which is so strange for such a sun goddess like myself.  I guess I need to scale back on the SPF 50 sunblock, eat more oily fish and eggs, and drink more milk.


Speaking of eggs…for the past week, the winds have been ridiculously strong as a result of all the arctic cold fronts making their way down south.  Have I mentioned how much I hate running in the wind?  Despite the wind, I still did pretty good.


5 miles

Time 58:55

Ave Pace 11:47

Max Pace 9:09


Saturday, I ran 10 lonely miles by myself because Tiffany flaked due to her foot giving her some trouble. The solitude must have made me run a better pace, because at 9 miles, I beat my 9 mile time (1:50:07) from the previous week (1:58:32).


10 Miles

Time 2:01:37

Ave Pace 12:10

Max Pace 9:27

Calories Burned 1010  🙂


The weather was so damp and yucky on Monday and I missed the Mom’s Mid-Morning Run at Suncoast RunningBad mommy! Or am I a good mommy because I didn’t take my baby out it that icky weather?  Either way, I’m a total slacker runner because I missed my Monday run and I’ve not done any yoga or Boot Camp stuff in weeks.  My BFF Sharon Mann is totally going to make me suffer when I see her next.


This morning, I fit 4 miles in even though the wind made me want to stay in bed.


4 miles

Time 44:37

Ave Pace 11:09

Max Pace 8:21


***Proudly submitted at The Un Mom’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, because when I blog about my runs, it’s usually pretty random.***



  1. John says:

    Oily fish and eggs – good. Milk – gross. Either way, good job running this morning because not only was it windy, it was cold!

  2. Heather @ChatterStorm says:

    wait, wait- milk is good if cocoa and a bit of sugar are mixed in! yummy! That’s the only way to get it in my book! Writing to ya from the midwest I completely agree about those winds… sucky… but on a good note they are great for training! When they die down you run like the wind itself without it’s resistance : )

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