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Suncoast Running hosted an informative Tri Night on Tuesday evening for anyone considering competing in a triathlon this season.  All levels of triahtletes were welcomed, so I dragged my clumsy ass self to the workshop. That night, I took away some yummy Mix1 and great tips from Geoff of Suncoast Trailside Bicycles.


1. Position

  • A proper bike fit is essential.
  • Need to be comfortable.
  • Should have an easy bike to run transition.
  • Comfort + Efficiency  = Speed


2. Training

  • Use every minute to the best of your ability
  • Train your weakest area the hardest.
  • Cycling can set you apart
  • Attend a Master’s Swim class.
  • Practice transition.


3. FocusSuncoast Trailside Bicycles

  • Pay attention and be really aware of your surroundings, even on a trail.
  • No time to be nervous.
  • If you’re full of anxiety, then you’re not ready.
  • Know where your bike is racked. Count the steps to your bike and memorize it.


After competing in a few sprint triathlons, these tips may seem like common sense.  For me, I need to hear it out loud to drill it into in my head.  After the workshop, I made a commitment to get over my fear of falling off my bike, get back on my bike and really, truly train for another sprint triathlon.  Now, I just need to register for one.


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