Crazy Sombrero 5K

Last Friday at the Crazy Sombrero 5K, I should have sported a grande sombrero since there was very little shade along the race route through Longleaf.  ¡Era muy caliente!  Thank goodness for the water stations!

My girls ran/walk the 1 mile and they asked me to run with them, which was a good warm up for my 5K.  Allana did really well and ran most of it at an easy pace.

Poor Emmalynn got a cramp in her side, which may have something to with the number of ice pops she ate before the race.

Photo taken by Carrie

My goal for this 5K was to finish around 30 minutes, about 10 minute miles, but Coach Jackie had other plans for me.

“You’re shooting for sub-30, right?”

Yeah, I’m going to run your pace at 7:30”, I sneered.

“I’m serious, girl. You need to finish sub-30.”

“Um…o.k.  No pressure.”

Under 30 girl.  You can do it!

Then, Carrie of the Suncoast Striders chimed in.  “There’ll be Cucumber Gimlets waiting for you if you finish sub-30.”

With the promise of alcoholic beverages, I had to finish less than 30 minutes.  And I did, which was a new PB post-baby.  And man, those Cucumber Gimlets went down way too easy.

Clock Time 29:26

Garmin Time 29:20

Ave Pace 9:37

Max Pace 6:19          

After the race, URCrossFit sponsored a huge after party complete with an inflatable obstacle course, food but no margaritas.  Is this a Crazy Sombrero 5K fiesta or what? 

Towards the end of the evening and after way too many Cucumber Gimlets, a URCrossfit challenge seemed like a good idea.  For the URCrossfit challenge, each participant had to do 5 burpees, bear crawl to the front of the obstacle course and then race through the inflatable obstacle course to the end.

I managed the burpees and bear crawl just fine, but the obstacle course was a whole other story.  Since I couldn’t scale the wall, I blamed it on the alcohol even though Jackie kicked my ass did just fine.  Actually, it’s quite harder than it looks and despite all my push-ups, I still have no upper body strength.  Obviously, this is something I need to work on.

Despite embarrassing myself and my children on the URCrossfit challenge, the girls and I had a blast.  With muchos amigos at this event, the Crazy Sombrero was mucho bueno!  I would love for this fun, local race to become an annual event.  And hopefully next year they’ll serve frozen margaritas to cool us off after we cross the finish line.


  1. kimert79 says:

    I am SO jealous of your sub 30 5k. I have dreams of doing this on an actual course one day. I got it down on the treadmill but not quite sure that counts! YOU ROCK! You look fantastic and of course your kiddos are amazing! I love that they ran the 1 mile race. 🙂

  2. sara says:

    Your girls’ shirts are AWESOME! I want one!

    (Gimlet makes me think of Giblet, which really does not sound good with cucumbers, lol 😉 )

  3. Arlett from Chasing Joy says:

    Stopping by from the Tea Party.

    The sombrero 5k sounds like it was a fun day. I am running my 1st 5k tomorrow and boy am I nervous. My goal is to be able to run most of it. I am hoping I don’t come in last but if I do that’s ok too. 🙂

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