Random Thoughts about Joining the Janathon

Janathoon 2012 Participant LogoIt’s been over a week since I last ran.  I caught a really nasty cold a few days before Christmas and then my Achilles started bothering me again.  Even though I wasn’t running, I wore my running shoes to help my heel.

Christmas Eve, I spent a lot of time on my feet cleaning the house barefoot and I think it only aggravated my Achilles more, which I find so ironic.  With all the talk about barefoot running, you would think it would help the situation.  I seem to experience the opposite whenever I spend my days barefoot.  It only makes my Achilles feel worse.

Not running for a week combined with bad eating habits made me feel weak and sluggish, so I decided to break my week long break with a three mile run this morning.  I also wanted to test out my newly refurbished Garmin.  With my foot still giving me some trouble, I was a bit slow-moving to get out the door.

Weather.com forecasted a 50% chance of rain by 8:00, but an orange-pink sky appeared to say otherwise.  Then about halfway into my run, the wind picked up and the sky began to turn dark gray.  The storm rolled in right on time which soaked me and my new-to-me Garmin.  GreatLet the Garmin corroding began!    

3.24 miles

Time 35:08

Ave Pace 10:51

Max Pace 7:37

The  Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon is only five weeks away and after this morning’s pathetic run, I’m not feeling very confident about my performance in that race.  It may be time for an intervention.

Suncoast Running is offering a boot camp training program plan designed specifically for the short turn-around time for this race and I plan to find out more about it at the informational meeting tomorrow evening.

Obviously, priority number one is to get back into a regular running routine.  I’m hoping the Janathon will help with that.

I joined the Janathon for my second year.   Basically, all participants commit to running or some work-out every day and log it online at Free Running.  Lord knows, I need the accountability aspect of the Janathon to help me stay focused and motivated.  Although this year, I doubt I’ll win any prizes as I’m having my wisdom teeth extracted on January 13 and I’ll be down for a few days after the surgery.  Nice, huh?  Yep, I already have an excuse in place for slacking off.

As for getting back into a regular running routine, I plan to run 4 miles tomorrow with some intervals later in the week, followed by 6-7miles on Saturday.  I just need to get moving again.

*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*



  1. Chrissy says:

    I was thinking of going to the info meeting tomorrow. Faith and I are suppose to run 7 on Saturday. You should join us at Starkey.

  2. Local Adventures says:

    Be mindful of your sore achilles, and whether you decide to go barefoot or skyscraper heels, consider how those different heel heights translate to different ankle angles, and hence change to focal point of stretch and strain on all your lower limb functions. Barefoot may be as uncomfortable as a stiletto if the body’s not used to it. Seek professional advice, from someone that can appreciate your sport and lifestyle needs.

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