Janathon 2012 – Day 6

PhotobucketThe meteorologist lied was mistaken.  He said the overnight lows would be in the 50s. Well, the overnight low in these parts was in the 40s or maybe even lower.  I can’t honestly say that I know for sure, because I didn’t check the forecast until after my run.

But I can say with confidence that when I stepped out the door this morning for my 4 mile run at 6 a.m., it felt much colder than 50 degrees and the fog didn’t help at all.  Sure enough, when I checked after my run, weather.com stated the temperature to be 41 degrees at 7 a.m.

But it’s no big deal, because I will willingly run in temps above 40 degrees and my 4 mile run proved to be a happy, somewhat chilly little run.  I’ll take a 40 degrees run outside in the fog over a treadmill any day.

4 miles

Time 42:22

Ave Pace 10:36

Max Pace 8:14

To keep with my Intermediate/advanced half marathon training, I plan to run 8-9 miles tomorrow morning.

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