5 Miles for Moffitt 2012

Although my 5 Miles for Moffitt race was over two weeks ago, I’ve been struggling with this recap as well as a chest cold.

Against my better judgment, I decided to run the race with a hacking, nagging cough.  My chest was tight and I could barely breathe, but it was important for me to run this race in my Aunt June’s memory.  Aunt June spent the last two years of her life barely breathing through rounds of chemotherapy, therefore, I could easily suck it up and run with a little cough.

Friends advised me to take the race easy and not push myself, which was my plan.  “Listen to your body, don’t push it!” @forrestgump49er tweeted me.  I was just there to do something good in the ‘hood and support a cause that is bigger than all of us.

Much like last year, the course led us through the campus of my Alma Mater.  For the most part, it’s a flat course through the USF with lots of shady trees and the occasional hill.

We ran the past The American Cancer Society and Moffitt as subtle scenic symbols to remind us why what brought us here.

Past the hospitals, we began a gradual incline.  I remembered this being quite challenging last year, but this year it didn’t seem so bad despite feeling poorly due to my cold.  I guess all those fitness challenges paid off!

Around the bend, we ran towards the Sun Dome and then the course looped back with more “hills” on the horizon.

Once over the final incline, the 5 milers joined up with the 5K runners and surprisingly, it wasn’t congested where the two races met.

As we headed toward the finish, I caught a whiff of the jasmine hedge along the street.  I couldn’t help but sing, “Summer breeze races make me fine. Blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”  I’m not sure if anyone appreciated my humor or singing as we finished up our five miles.

At least I enjoyed it and my time too.  Even with a cold, I finished almost a minute faster than last year.

Gun Time 51:08.4 

Chip Time 50:45.3 

Ave Pace 10:10

Division Place 34/68

Overall Place 515/886

After the race, I hacked a lung from coughing and then I visited the Moffitt Mole Patrol for a free skin screening.  Since I constantly slather myself in sun block, I felt pretty confident in the results.  Boy, was I in for shock!  Apparently, I have some sun damage on my chest.  What?!  How is that possible? 

I determined it’s from all the unintentional exposure like walking through a parking lot or spontaneous play dates at the park.  Needless to say, this mama will make sun block part of her daily routine from now on!  I ain’t getting old lady neck or chest just yet!

When I put my racing top back on after my screening, I noticed my “in memory” sign was missing.  Somehow the sign had slipped out of the plastic sleeve during the race.  “I’ve lost my aunt!” I exclaimed to the doctor, but he looked very confused.  I’m sure he thought the sun was damaging my brain as well as my skin.

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  1. Travel Spot says:

    That sounds like a good race! Sorry you were not feeling well. I went to the eye doctor once and he must have been a wannabe dermatologist because he had a light that he shined on me where you can see the problem areas. Holy cow. My chest and around my temples were the worst. I try to put sunscreen on every day (at least my face and chest) but must have missed a few days…or my childhood is catching up!? Who knows but it was scary!

  2. Jen says:

    Great job with the arce, it is nice to suprise ourselves by our abilities 🙂 Running with a chest cold is tough.I need to be better about the sunscreen too, I never think about it excpet for days I know I will be out for longer times.

  3. Laura says:

    Great job on your five miles, and beating last year’s time! Thanks for the reminder about sunscreen- I have very fair skin and should not skip it as often as I do…

  4. Jill Fickling-Conyers says:

    Great recap and def for a good cause. With 90 degree temps this weekend and running 14 miles today I checked my sunscreen stash last night. A friend recently told me there is sunscreen with SPF 100. I had not idea.

    Feel better soon 🙂

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