Juneathon 2012 – Day 13

Juneathon dude logoToday was lame.  Sad really.  This morning I woke up to nasty thunderstorms when weather.com said only 10% chance of precipitation.  What is that about?

A thunderstorm meant no run/swim brick for me as my community pool would be closed due to inclement weather.  This inclement weather thing is getting annoying.  And you know what else is annoying?  When bad weather forces me to miss my work-out and my window of opportunity and then once I get past that window and go about my day, the weather clears up. Fabulous.

By 7:00 this evening, I was jonesing to run or walk or something.  So I convinced my family to take a walk/bike ride around the block.  Hubster walked the dog and I pushed the stroller.  It was only 0.7 miles (according to Map My Run), but at least it was something.

And because I needed more, I did a #sexylegs work-out (just one set), some ab exercises and 30 girlie push-ups. It was definitely something and better than nothing…as lame as it was.

Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow.  There’s only a 10% chance a rain.

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+

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