Rap River Run 2012

Although the Oldsmar 5K had been canceled, the weather cooperated for the Rap River Run the next day.  Overcast skies hid the usual blistering sun for the duration of the race.

Allana and I found the 5K start as well as many of our running friends, which is also the moment I found myself without my Garmin.  How could I forget my Garmin?!  I hoped I could pace Allana without killing her.  Thankfully, our running friends would help pace us too.

The start of the race led us along Orange Lake in the heart of downtown New Port Richey.

The rest of the Rap River Run followed a flat course along Grand Blvd adjacent to Pithlachascotee River (or Cotee River as the locals call it).

Large sable palms and old oak trees festooned with Spanish moss shaded the picturesque course.  It is truly a beautiful course, but apparently very curvy.

Running along the river brought back so many memories from my high school days.  As Allana and I ran along, I shared a few stories with my captive audience.

Around mile 1, we spotted David and several other Suncoast Striders as they sprinted their way to the finish.

Just after mile 1 and the water station, we turned a corner to follow a path through side streets that led us back to the start, rather than a turnaround.

At around 2 miles, we passed a small black Pomeranian and of course, I had to stop and take a photo of it.  She was so sweet and reminded us of our Lucy.  The sweet, sorrowful memory caused Allana and me to get a bit teary-eyed.  To shake off the melancholy mood, I jokingly said, “There’s no crying in 5Ks!”  We giggled and got back to finishing the race.

With a little Lucy inspiration and mom pacing, Allana shaved 8 minutes off her 5K time and earned herself a new Personal Best!  I was so proud of her!                      

Chip time 42:40.7    

Gun Time 43:21.9    

Ave Pace 13:46/M

Age Division 33/38

Overall 766/923

After the 5K, I had to scurry to the Fun Run start with Emmalynn.

She did great!  Without whining, crying, cramping or complaining, she kept a nice easy pace throughout the mile.

Both girls did an amazing job!

I was am one proud runner mother.

To learn more about the RAP House and the other wonderful program provided by Youth and Family Alternatives, visit www.rapriverrun.com.

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


  1. xmasdolly says:

    Gee, I wonder who they take after? lol That’s great all three of you running together, and liking it! That is just too cool, and what’s even cooler is the proud look on Mom’s face! 🙂 CONGRATS!

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