Juneathon 2012 – Day 28 and a Super WHY Winner

Juneathon dude logoAs you probably noticed, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted any of my Juneathon efforts.  I last ran 3.5 miles and forgot to post it.  I didn’t even add it to my Running Free profile or tweet it.  Shame on me.  In case you’re curious, here’s my stats.  I did pretty good on that last run.

3.5 miles

Time 32:57

Ave Pace 9:25

Max Pace 6:59

As for the rest of the missing posts, I’ve got over a week’s worth of excuses.

  1. The family and I spent a few days in Orlando.
  2. I had to pack instead of running.
  3. I walked and pushed a stroller all over Downtown Disney instead of running.
  4. It took 15 minutes to walk from my hotel room to my car (30 minutes round trip). No exaggeration.
  5. The kids and I splashed around at Aquatica instead of running.
  6. We kept getting lost in our labyrinth hotel, which meant more walking and occasionally running through corridors to catch elevators.
  7. I couldn’t leave my kids alone in the hotel room while I ran.
  8. Tropical Storm Debby decided to visit for a few days and packed with her 45 mph winds and heavy rain.
  9. I couldn’t run/swim because our community pool was closed due to inclement weather.

Tropical Storm Debby (or TS Debby Downer as I like to call her) really put a damper in my exercise routine.  With all that wind and rain, I couldn’t do my sprints for Track Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I don’t belong to a gym or own a treadmill, so I couldn’t even fake it like a hamster on a spinning wheel.  But honestly, the gray days just made me lazy and for that, there’s no excuse.

Today was the day I decided to get back on track.  I ran 6.2 miles, but I ain’t going to lie.  It wasn’t easy, thanks to my weeklong break.  Plus, it was very humid.  I think TS Debby Downer left some humidity behind like a pair of used sticky panties.

6.2 miles

Time 1:07:07

Ave Pace 10:50

Max Pace 8:18

So, there’s only two days left of the Juneathon.   Tomorrow, I have blood work for my follow-up physical, which means fasting and no running in the morning.  I’ll try to do something afterwards.  Then, on June 30th (the last day of the Juneathon), Mamavation is hosting a virtual 5K.  I’m totally in as well as so many others. You should join us.

Before I wrap up this post, I promised you a Super Why Live winner.

Congratulations to Shannon! 

She won 4 tickets to see Super WHY Live on Tour in Tampa next month!

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


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