Airheads Takes Fitness to New Heights

*Cue the music*

We came to get down,

We came to get down

So get on some trampolines

And jump around.

Jump around

Jump up and get down

Jump around.

While beginning a new chapter of my new fitness adventures, I was invited to attend at fitness class at Airheads with my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers, Jenny, Caroline, Jessica and Heather.


Though I hadn’t experienced it first-hand, I knew Airheads to be this fun trampoline bouncy place for kids.

After three kids (all vaginal deliveries – That’s right I threw in the va-jay jay in there.), I was a little nervous about all the jumping.  Would my bladder hold up?  Would I wet myself in mid-air?  Should I wear a panytliner just in case?

I decided to literally throw caution in the wind and go pantyliner-less.   At the start of the class, we were instructed to pick our own square and like cruel irony, The Stall episode of Seinfeld popped into my mind.  Can you spare a square?

The Airheads TrampoLEAN fitness class follows an interval work-out.  Basically, we completed each exercise for a minute and then rested for 15 seconds.  None of the exercises were out of the norm for me, but adding the trampoline definitely made the exercises more intense with more resistance.  We planked, did pushups, high jumps, jumping jacks, etc.  Other than sweating profusely, amazingly I didn’t wet myself.

* Photo credit to Caroline of My Fascinating Life*

* Photo credit to Caroline of My Fascinating Life*

* Photo credit to Caroline of My Fascinating Life*

My favorite part was sprinting laps across the trampoline, of course.  We really had to watch our footing and leap over the small green hurdles, which I learned firsthand when the instructor gave a high five.  After kissing the trampoline, I decided to come to a full stop for high fives.

* Photo credit to Caroline of My Fascinating Life*

*Photo credit to Jessica of Cuban Running Crisis*

After some stretching and a cool down, the instructors said they decided to go easy on us for our first time, but to their surprise, we hollered for more.  So, they happily tortured us with laps around the trampoline.  As we ran in a single file line around the perimeter, the last person sprinted to the front and we repeated this until the last person made it to the front, which happened to be me.  Once I came to a full stop, I was rewarded with another high five.

I loved the class and it was a wonderful change from my usual running routine.  But the real reward came the next day when I woke up with the wonderful gift of delayed onset pain in my calves and abs.  I love when my muscles wake up cranky from a good work-out!

The good people of Airheads want you to experience a TrampoLEAN workout.  FIVE lucky winners will win an Airheads pass good for an open play or a fitness class.  The choice is yours, but either way ,you will have fun!

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  1. Kelly Wade says:

    This sounds like an amazing workout. I remember having so much fun bouncing on trampolines as a kid. I bet you burned a ton of calories during the class, I’d love to try it!

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