Random Thoughts about a Cold, Flunking Challenges, a Koss FitClips Review and UnTrack Tuesday

It would figure. Just when stepped up my sprints, I caught a cold.  Funny, I always seem to come down with something this time of year and this May was no exception.  For the past week, I have been fighting the worst chest congestion related to my allergies.  Since I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t run and decided to take the opportunity to rest.

For Mother’s Day, we spent the weekend at the TradeWinds Resort (review to follow) and my cold started during our stay there.  As much as I longed to run along the beach as a Mother’s Day gift to myself, my chest cold had other plans for me.  I would have to simply rest in the sun on the beach instead and certainly second best to running on the beach.

All that coughing brought on the chest cold which caused me to lose my voice.  By Friday, I felt better and went to Jackie’s Body Combat class at the YMCA.  My friends, Kat and Rachel, teased me about the new release being more intense.  I thought they were kidding.  Holy uppercuts, Batman!  It was intense!  My arms were so sore!  I loved it, but I forgot to wear to the awesome Polar watch that Jenny lent me to use for her 500 calorie {exercise} daily burn. I’m totally flunky this challenge!  Although the workout rocked, my body must not have been ready for Body Combat because Saturday I felt poorly all over again.

So, I rested on Saturday and kept my activity to a minimum.  I had plans to paddleboard with my girlfriends on Sunday and I didn’t want my cold to foil my fun.  Fortunately, I felt better and had a great time paddleboarding with my friends and forgot to wear the Polar AGAIN!  UGH!

Thankfully, my voice was somewhat restored in time for Monday’s Mom Squad.  This week, we discussed Disney’s recent Merida makeover.  Did you even know that Disney revamped Merida’s look?  Personally, I didn’t even realize the change, but my oldest daughter thought Merida looked older with her new look.  Allana thought she looked too much like a princess now.  What do you think?


This morning, I finally felt better enough to run, so I ran an easy 4 miles.  I honestly needed to take it easy and stopped occasionally for walking coughing breaks.  My quads welcomed the walking breaks because between Body Combat and paddleboarding, they were so sore!  I loved it!  Since it was the first time I ran in almost two weeks, I am seriously behind in my Joggermom Marathon.  Yet, another challenge I’m losing! UGH! Oh well.  I’ll catch up soon and complete those 26.2 miles before the end of the month.

4 miles
Time 41:48
Ave Pace 10:27
Max Pace 7:18

The best part of my run this morning was that I finally tested out my new Koss FitClips headphones for another FitFluential campaign.  Koss sent me two new pairs to try just as my old Sony headphones started to go south.


Since I already love the over the ear headphones, the Koss FitClips were the first ones I tested.  The bright sunshine yellow was such a nice change from the usual black I normally wear.  It also came with three different size ear cushions for the perfect fit.  I chose the smallest size which you can see is much smaller than my old Sony clips.

The Koss Fit Series were developed and designed by women for women in part with 12 time gold medal Olympic winner and fitness model, Dara Torres, to help design the product line.  That much is evident by how well they fit and the five vibrant colors available online.  Plus, the cord is perfect for petite ladies like me.  Typically, I have to wind up the extra cord, but the Koss cord was just the right length for me.

Normally, my old earclips would constantly slip out from all the sweat while I ran, but Koss FitClips utilize an original and unique design that ensures the perfect fit.  Using a new inear ported design, it rests comfortably in my ear to create the ideal seal for the ultimate listening experience.  Plus, the soft, flexible clips rest comfortably around the ear to guarantee the music never stops.

And speaking of the music, the sound quality is incredible!  I actually had to lower the volume originally set on my MP3 player.  With a 15-20,000 Hz, these headphones weren’t just bright in color!  Compared to my old headphones, these had greater projection and the bass booming in my ears was simply amazing.

For more about the incredible Koss Fitclips and Fitbuds, the specs and to view all the vibrant colors, visit Koss online. For $5 off code and free shipping, use the code Fit4Life.

What earbuds do you use and does sweat ever ruin your listening experience? Do you ever skip running and rest with a cold?  Did you have sprints and a workout to share?  

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  1. Jenny says:

    I loved the yellow ear clips, too!! I have the strangest ears and like nothing fits me, but these did!!

    And yes, you are a challenge slacker, but you’ve been quite sick. You’re excused. I’ll have to extend the challenge in to June 🙂

  2. Steph says:

    I’ve been through a million different types of ear phones. I guess my ears are just strange or something ’cause the all flippin slip out! I threw in the towel a while ago, but maybe I’ll give these a shot!

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