Random Thoughts a Sleepy Funk, a Craptastic Run and unTrack Tuesday

Little Lion Man and I have been battling some serious allergy funk.  Neither of us has been sleeping very well and we’ve both been very restless, however, his restlessness transcends into a more violent restlessness.  He rolls around the bed, flinging his arms and then wakes up in a wailing cry which wakes everyone else.

I have been so exhausted since Halloween; I can’t shake it. I have no energy to do anything and I know it’s a result of not sleeping properly.

Then, I broke out in these horrible hives all over my legs and they were incredibly itchy.  No cream or lotion helped.  I tried allergy relief cream and cortisone but nothing offered any relief.  Thinking it was a reaction to my shaving cream or an old razor, I stopped shaving for my own version of Movember and even took some Benadryl which only made me even sleepier.  After three days of red raw itchy bumps, I decided to switch my allergy medication back to Zyrtec.  The next day the bumps were gone, but the sleepy feeling is still lingering.

If you haven’t figured it out yet from that long explanation of allergy induced sleepiness, I haven’t been running.  Last Wednesday, I ran 4 miles. After attempting Body Pump and feeling so weak the day before, I just want wanted to move.  I held a nice 10 minute pace but then around the last half mile I felt an uncontrollable urge to go number two.

Typically, I poop before a run or can I hold it until after a run.  In almost 6 years of regular running including marathon training, I have never become one with nature, but with all the mucus in my system from allergies, things must have been real lubed up down there.

Last Wednesday, my bowels bonded with nature and I couldn’t hold back.  I ran behind a utility maintenance shed and “RELEASED THE CRAPEN!  It wasn’t pretty and I forgot to pause my Garmin which also stinks.

4.2 miles
Time 43:44
Ave Pace 10:25
Max Pace 7:58

I’ve heard stories and even had running partners lose socks due to nature calling during a long training one.  Now, I’ve joined the craptastic club.  I am one of crazy crapper runners.  Mind you, it was no means a “malicious fecal distribution”.  Hopefully, there’s no video of it somewhere, like this poor runner.

Thursday I ran 6 miles. Again, I was more interested in the miles than the pace.

6.1 miles
Time 1:00:37
Ave Pace 10:06
Max Pace 8:01

Friday, I popped over to the YMCA for Body Pump again.  I was a bit stronger than earlier in the week.

Over the weekend, I wanted to try and run 13 miles but my energy levels were just not going to allow that.  I opted for sleep.  Then, on Monday I had planned to run 6 miles with my friends, Mica and Heather, but I felt horrible all over again.

Today, I missed Track Tuesday again. Although I feel a little better after switching back to Zyrtec, my body still craved rest.  I did make it over to the YMCA for a Body Pump Express class, which felt good.

Hubby is traveling this week, so it throws my training plan off, but that’s fine.  I have to play my workouts by ear.  Each morning, I wake up and determine if it’s a day to run.  Hopefully, tomorrow is that day.


  1. Flower says:

    I hate allergies. Mine have been pretty crazy this year too. And I love your poop story. I had my first nature poop during the blue moon half, no lie. It was horrible! Oh well, it could have been worse. LOL Hope you and the little man feel better soon!

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