RANdom Thoughts about a Virtual runDisney, a Disney Marathon After Party and Marathon Training

As I mentioned last week, I am training for a marathon in less than 6 weeks (only five left now) by following the Asics-Kastor 6-Week Marathon training plan, however, I’m not following it exactly to the letter because my schedule forces me to shift things around.  I am giving myself at least one-two days for rest.

Basically, I’ve bumped everything forward.  So instead of Monday being an “off” day like the plan suggests, I will run on Monday.  Tuesday will be my ten miler day, Wednesday will be 3 miles and then on Thursday I’ll run six miles.  Depending on my mood and the soreness of my muscles, Friday may be a running rest day and that leaves Saturday for my long runs.  Since I have organized a Run DMT Clearwater Marathon Cheering Squad in Indian Rocks Beach for Sunday’s Clearwater Marathon, Sunday will be a forced rest day.

If you’re local, come join us at Guppy’s!


Once I get passed this marathon training, I’ll start cycling and swimming again.  I could always cycle on Sunday which would do my body some good.

Last week, I only made it to the YMCA on Tuesday.  I really want to make it to Body Pump at least two days a week to condition my muscles but sometimes my schedule causes me to miss it.  I always try to make the Tuesday class, because I love the Tuesday express class!  Leyna is so fun and she really watches us to make sure our form is correct.  Last week, she saw I was struggling with the weight.  Dumb on my part to add that much weight on, but I like that she noticed it.

I also opted for two rest days on Wednesday and Thurday last week.  The weather was really icky and I didn’t feel like running on the treadmill again.  The dreadmill is such torture for me.

After reading all the #runDisney posts on my Facebook newsfeed on Friday morning, I wanted to run a virtual 10K with all my runner blogger friends running the Dopey Challenge at Disney, but I had so much on plate and I didn’t get out to run until later in the morning.

Big mistake!  By 10:30 a.m., the heat cooked me and sucked my energy dry.  My experience was less magical than theirs. With temperatures in the low 40s at the start of the week and the high 70s by the end of the week, I believe my body went into shock.

Although I ran with a Nathan hand-held water bottle, I drank it all the water within the first two miles.  In an act of desperation during the last mile, I drank from a neighbor’s garden hose.  I even sprayed myself with it.  It was ridiculously hot for January.

Plus, there were no Disney characters on my course, only a smelly garbage truck! At the start of the run, my goal was simply to get time on my feet, but that goal eventually turned into trying to stay ahead of the garbage truck and its fumes.

Only a 10K but it felt very Dopey indeed.  The dreadmill is starting to look good again.

6.2 miles
Time 1:10:04
Ave Pace 11:17
Max Pace 8:08

Saturday, I met my friends Mica and Heather to run. I had 13 miles to get through, so I decided to make it another virtual runDisney run.  I even wore my Minnie Mouse outfit from last year’s Disney marathon, minus the ears because I forgot them.


13.12 miles
Time 2:35:11
Ave Pace 11:50
Max Pace 9:07

My parents popped over for a visit on Saturday evening and it turned out to be a late night.  So on Sunday, I was honestly too tired to run.  But in all fairness, I didn’t even mention being tired to the friends I partied with at our Annual Suncoast Striders Disney Marathon After Party.  I hitched a ride with the two Michelle’s and made it time to congratulate my running friends on all their outstanding marathon PRs and to applaud Daffodil and Mica for volunteering at the marathon.


Fro beat his Space Coast Time by 30 minutes.  Chrissy and Marie shaved 25 minutes off their Clearwater marathon time.  It was so inspiring to see everyone with their Disney medals, some even with multiple bling and faces gleaming with pride.  I was so happy I could share that victory moment with all of them, especially Chrissy.

Disney medal

Suncoast Striders

Inspired by all the PRs, I started the week off with a strong 4 mile run.  I stuck to my altered Asics-Kastor training plan by running 10 miles in the dark AND in the rain this morning. It was so hard to stay motivated especailly when my music died around mile 5, but my Lorna Jane “Never Give Up” sports bra kept me moving.

Lorna Jane Sports Bra

10 miles
Time 1:54:37
Ave Pace 11:27
Max Pace 7:47

One of my personal goals this year is to remember to upload my stats to my Daily Mile profile.  I’m horrible about that!  When I saw I didn’t even hit 800 on my Daily Mile account last year, I was so annoyed with myself.  I know I hit closer to 1000 miles.  This year, I’m going to make sure my profile displays the correct total AND I hit 1000 miles for sure.

I also noticed to please the Daily Mile, I need to run a tad bit farther than my Garmin displays.  I usually hit stop once I hit the distance I want, but sometimes my 4 miles isn’t a true 4 miles according to the Daily Mile troll.  That means now if I want it to show an accurate distance on my profile, I have to run just a tad bit (like 0.01 mile) more.

I know. I know. I can be a tad OCD like that.

If you’re on the Daily Mile, add me as a friend. And then, will you remind me to upload my stats?

Because I can be a bit flaky too.

But at least I “never give up.”


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