Music Monday: {run} Happy

 Music Monday: Counting Stars“It might seem crazy what I’m about to say…”

I’ve had some great runs this past week starting with a tempo 6 miler last Thursday and then the Celebration Half Marathon yesterday.

I ain’t gonna lie. On Thursday, I did not want to get up an run in 38 degrees which is very cold for Florida standards. If it wasn’t for Mica texting me and making me accountable for that 6 miler, I would have totally flaked, postponed or even opted for a rest day. Despite my resistance to run in cold temps, it turned out to be a GREAT tempo run for me! I even held an 8:30 pace for a half mile. I was totally feeling a runner’s high!

On Thursday, when I turned the ignition, I heard “Happy” by Pharrell play on the radio. With a gorgeous hot pink and orange sunrise for a postcard backdrop, it was a perfect song for the drive home after my run happy 6 miler I just experienced and a perfect symbol to a wonderful weekend to follow.

Over the weekend, my family and I spent one night in Celebration for the Celebration Half Marathon which coincided with my friend, Marcia’s birthday.  She wanted to run the race for her 40th birthday.  Who could argue with that?!  

And on her birthday, the very first day in her new age group, she placed first in the 40-45 age group. Marcia is amazing!

Celebration Half Marathon

For her birthday dinner, we dined at the Columbia Restaurant.  Of course, I carb loaded in my favorite way with some sangria and Cuban bread.

Columbia Restaurant

All of these run happy highlights deserve their own posts, which will follow over the next couple of days.  In the meantime, check out 24 hours of happy.

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  1. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Great to hear that you had a good run despite the nippy temperatures. It’s hard to believe you guys got as low as 38°. I would have totally flaked out and kept to the indoors. lol But, NOT you cause you totally rock. Happy to see you on the dance floor with the 4M crew on Monday’s Music Moves Me, Denise!

    • Denise says:

      I loved the race! There were lots of turns and narrow paths, but overall I loved running through Celebration. I’ll be back next year!

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