Music Monday: Burn

RunDMT_musicmondayNext Sunday, I will be running in the Sarasota Half Marathon.  You may remember my recap from last year where I shared the challenge of running two huge causeway bridges.

This year, I feel much more prepared for the John Ringling Causeway, thanks to all the bridges training runs I planned over the past few months.  I even squeezed one more bridge run in before the race with another bridge run tomorrow at the Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

The two bridges of the John Ringling Causeway are still going to burn, burn, burn and light up my legs but at least my legs are used to the fire, fire, fire.

Last year, I finished the half marathon (13.1 miles) around 2:26. This year, I hope that all the bridge training will help me finish around 2:15 -2:20. I plan to take the bridges at an easy pace and then push it for the second flatter half after mile 6.

But honestly, I’m not going to worry about time because the course is so beautiful and it’s a fun race full of spectators.  Therefore, I’m just going to try my best and have fun with it…

…after I let the bridges burn, burn burn.

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