Music Monday: Back in Time for a Space Coast Marathon Redemption

This Sunday, I will participate in my second Space Coast Marathon. I attempted this marathon three years ago with an injury, which soured me from ever attempting the Space Coast Marathon again. I swore I would never run it again, but marathons are a lot like pregnancy. You forget the pain and soon you find yourself signing up for yet another one.

40th Space Coast Marathon

A couple of my friends and I made a dumb runner peer pressure pact by committing to a three year exploration of this race simply to earn the Big Bang Series medal.

big bang series RANdom Thoughts about a SuperFood Drive, a Space Coast Marathon Redemption, Hills and the Holiday Halfathon

Last year, I ran the half marathon and hated it. Obviously, I am jaded and I have a mental block for this race. However, since I was landing there again this year for the challenger medal, I decided to go for a marathon redemption.

40th Space Coast Marathon


“to understand the future, we have to back in time.”

Although I’ve trained as best as I could, I have had my share of set-backs between the flu and a traveling husband, but thankfully no major injuries other than my always nagging plantar fasciitis.  Admittedly, I’m still pretty anxious about this marathon and I’m more nervous for this marathon than I was for Chicago or the NYC Marathon.

This time around, I have a few friends running the marathon with me and I also have few other friends spectating along the course who have promised to jump in and pace with me if I lose steam. Honestly, I believe the only way I will survive this marathon is with an MIB neutralizer memory zappers. I need to erase all memory of my previous experiences because I would love to avoid hitting any walls or horrible flashbacks about my first Space Coast Marathon.

Neuralizer MIB - memory zapper


  1. Cathy Kenendy says:

    Fabulous music! I’m wishing you all the best in your upcoming race. It sounds like fun. Hopefully, you’ll your expectations of the marathon will supersede all of your hopes! Have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Haley @ Running with Diapers says:

    Gurllllll! You have already completed two extremely tough marathons this year. I think you’ve got this one. Don’t worry about last year or the previous year. Every race has to be ran in the present. And with so many friends running with you, I’m sure you’ll find the motivation and support you need to finish strong. Go Denise!!!

  3. XmasDolly says:

    Hey Girl HAPPY THANKSGIVING GIRLFRIEND! Hey I’m luvin’ me some Pitbull for sure. He is the one to rock too if you’re gonna rock at all! I wish you all the luck in the world, be careful, be safe at your marathon. Thanks again for sharing. Let us know what happens too!

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