Disclaimer: Through the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received compensation and Color Me Rad 5K race entries for the purpose of this review. The colorful opinions and experiences shared are my own.

There are a handful of fun runs my kids will always ask to run. A race that promises to cover participants top to bottom with color is one race my kids never want to miss.

Color Me Rad 5K

For this year’s BIGGER, BADDER, RADDER Color Me Rad 5K , my four year old son tagged along with my daughters and me for the mother of all color runs and I couldn’t believe how excited he was to run his first 5K! It had to be the promise of looking like an atomic rainbow that motivated our Little Lion Man.

Color Me Rad 5K

While Allana is more than capable of running the entire distance, she volunteered to walk and run with her little brother. I thought for sure Liam would lose steam about halfway through the course, but dancing through the dozens of color stations side by side with big sister seemed to keep him motivated.

Raise the roof for orange! Photo Credit – Tara

Although our Little Lion Man stayed colorfully motivated, I was truly impressed with Emmalynn’s running ability. She has made a great deal of progress since last year’s race. In past years, Emmalynn preferred to walk most of the way, but something sparked her inner runner (perhaps the BIGGER BADDER RADDER color explosions) and she ran most of the 5K.  I was so proud of her and the nice little pace she maintained. She has definitely grown into quite the runner!

Along the way, we bumped into other mother runner bloggers and their families, including my friend Tara who captured some fun photos of my kids and me.

Photo Credit – Tara

The course offered more shade than previous years, which was welcomed sight for a warm race day in April. Another bonus this year was the extra color stations including the color gel, which my kids loved being squirted by.

Color gel shot straight into his mouth!

Given all the added color stations, my kids told me I looked “too clean” for a color run.

And once we crossed the finish line, they doused me with multiple packets of color bombs.

Color Me Rad 5K is the perfect run to introduce your kids into the sport of running. In the true spirit of a fun run, families can enjoy moving together without the stress of competiveness or a finish time.

There are times to embrace your inner Kenyan or be a dancing rainbow. Like any good mother runner, I’ll happily choose to be dancing, running rainbow with my kids any time.

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  1. Jesica @rUnladylike says:

    What a great recap. The day looks like it was so much fun and I love all your pictures!!! Hopefully you didn’t get any paint on your camera/phone 🙂 My sister-in-law was there with my niece and about 10 other moms and daughters from their school. Such a fun way to get younger boys and girls engaged in running. xoxo (P.S. Glad to connect via #FridayShares)

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