Happy 12th Birthday, Emmalynn!

Petite Princess Giggles

Queen of cuddles

Harry Potter Party - banner

Award-winning baker

Notorious gamer

A picky eater

Avid reader

Emmalynn - Blueberry Picking May 2017

Full of imagination

Style and fashion

Emmalynn - December 2016

Playful at heart

A friend from the start

Epcot - Flower and Garden MArch 2017

Punderfully clever

Uno shredder

Summer Board Games - Uno

Selfie master

Full of smiles and laughter

Emmalynn and Mom

My partner in crime

So grateful you’re mine,

London - Buckingham Palace - Emmalynn and me

My Forever Tiny Cool.

Happy 12th Birthday, Beautiful Emmalynn!




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