Will You Be My Valentine? AMRAP Workout

I love a theme workout! And thankfully, so do my homeschool students!

My “Will You Be My Valentine?” Valentine’s Day AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Workout is a fantastic full body workout that will really get your heart pumping!

You are definitely going want to pin and save this fun-for-all-ages workout!

Valentine's Day Workout

Will You Be My Valentine? AMRAP

Complete each exercise ten times. (Links are included to see a demonstration of each exercise.) After you finish the whole set, repeat the entire workout. Try to do as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes. (Or, 20 minutes, if you’re short on time. Of course, rest when needed. 


A Alternating lunges (left 10x and right 10x)

LLateral hops

E Extensions (triceps)

N Narrow stance front weighted squats

TTriceps dips

IIncline push-ups

NNarrow grip bent row

EExplosive squat jumps

My class finished two rounds in 20 minutes. Can you beat them? 

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