Self-Care: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

If you’ve ever been on a flight, You’ve heard the flight attendants make this announcement as part of their safety instructions during take off. 

Flight attendant demonstrates placing oxygen mask over face.

“Put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.”

This is also such an important message to remember in our daily lives. It’s a beautiful analogy for self-care.

You may be running around doing all the things for all the people in your lives and forgetting to put your needs first. But if you forget to take care of yourself, you’re going to run out of steam, rundown, or become ill. Leaving you unable to help others.

The stress and pressure of taking care of others (whether it’s young children, almost adult children or aging parents) and their needs will overwhelm you. You need to remember to take a moment to breathe.

“Put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.”

That’s why down time, rest days and self-care (whatever that means to you) are just as important as all the other things you do for others. You need to rest, recharge and replenish your energy. 

Self-care can be birdwatching, reading a book, going for a walk, meditating, yoga, having a pajama day, a decent night’s sleep, or taking a long hot bath.

Remember self-care also means prioritizing your health. 

“Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.“

Take care of YOU first.

So what will you do today that puts your needs first?