Yahweh Yoga

When I mentioned the other day about attempting yoga on Sundays before church, I playfully called it “Yahweh Yoga”.  I thought I had made up the phrase until I searched the Internet for images for my post.  I soon discovered Yahweh Yoga and Holy Yoga were as real as Downward-Facing Dog.  However, in Holy Yoga or Christoga, the names of your favorite yoga poses have been replaced with religious references.  


So, for this week’s Five Minutes for Fitness, let’s get centered with Christ.  


I know this video is not meant to be humorous, but I found it pretty comical.  It reminded me of an SNL sketch and I am probably going to hell for thinking it.






A less comical Christian yoga, Holy Yoga offers a more familiar yoga and soothing instruction style.




Did you know there’s Yiddish Yoga, too?  Oi vey!


    • Run DMT says:

      You must be referring my comment in the OM video? LOL We normally eat Kosher franks, like Hebrew National hot dogs, but no we are not a Kosher house. Although I do tend to stay away from pork. 😉

  1. lindsay says:

    haha, i love your comments. i like the lady talking while smiling as big as possible so you can barely tell she’s talking.

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