Push-Up Challenge, Day 11

Between my birthday festivities and Run DMT’s Blogoversary Bonanza, it was hard to find a moment to pound out some push-ups, but I managed.  Eat some cake.  Do a set of push-ups.  Drink a beer.  Do some push-ups.  Anyhow, I really do like more sets with fewer reps.  It seems less challenging to me and oddly, my arms don’t feel as sore the next day but that could also be explained by the massive consumption of alcoholic beverages.


Yesterday, I did Week 5, Day 3.  The last set of 45 was a bit tough, but I did it.  Following Lindsay’s advice, I will wait a day or two and perform my exhaustion test on Wednesday to see where to start Week 6.  Can you believe the end is almost near?  How are you all surviving?  Are you impressed with your results or are you straining and struggling?


  1. MarathonMom says:

    I spoke too soon before Week 5 Day 2 and those extra sets – but yeah I think they may actually get me to the 100. I am only making just 5 over my as many as I can at the end and 100 in a row still seems far away….but maybe I am getting there!

  2. lindsay says:

    the last set is always killer. i always wonder how i will survive the last set when i am struggling on a middle set!

    hope the exhaustion test goes well 🙂

    i have noticed a little bit of toning and strength in my upper body/core from doing the pushup challenge. my abs get soo sore from the pushups alone sometimes! i’ll take it.

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