Stay Seated

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve done a lot of sitting.  Although I’m finally back on my feet and running again, I’ve retained a lovely leftover spread on my backside from all the sitting. 


It’s such a great spread.  It should have “Land O’Lakes” written all over. 

 *Insert rim shot*


But, sitting upright and staring at the computer seemed to be the only position that caused little pain.


Being a SAHM on the run, (like so many other moms) I rarely have time to sit, but my recent injury forced me to sit on my ass A LOT.  Even back in my teaching days, I rarely sat.  I constantly moved around the classroom to assist my students.  I don’t know how my DH and other poor saps in Cooperate America sits and stares at a computer all day.  Just thinking about it numbs my badunkadunk again.


This week, I’ve gradually started running again starting with slow and short distances, but from all that sitting, my muscles feel flabby and mushy from a lack of any physical activity.  I need to recondition them again.  Which made me wonder…Are there any sitting exercises to help tone and shape muscles?


Well, of course there are! 


This work-out video would have been very useful a few weeks ago when I felt so antsy and wished to work-out again.  The leg lifts would have helped conditioned my muscles, however, I might have skipped the triceps dips depending on how badly they impacted my ribs and torso.


So, sit up and get ready to make it burn from the comfort of your own computer chair for this week’s Five Minutes for Fitness.




  1. Marion says:

    This is such a gift. Thank you. I sit in board meetings a lot, at the computer all day, and have always wondered if there were such things. Fabulous.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I almost suggested a chair workout, but I figured the laughter from watching the video would have just caused you more pain!

  3. lindsay says:

    i’m so gonna do this at work next week! i don’t know how the tricep dips will go on a rolly-chair though… i can just imagine how quickly i’d wipe out 🙂

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