Buenos Ocho

A few weeks back, a few of my fellow Striders and I were discussing how once you start running “the big miles” (anything over 10 miles), you never feel like you are really running if you do anything under 6 miles.  Over the past few weeks months, I’ve had some serious runner’s envy reading everyone’s tweets and FB statuses about running their long distances.


Even Tiffany and I were discussing how this time last year we were running 10 miles and higher, but an unfortunate mishap with my bike and an unusually long summer has really put a damper in my ability to rack up the miles this year. 


For my runs this week, I took Sunday and Monday off due to sore shins.  I ran Tuesday and Wednesday, but rested again on Thursday because my shins were still really sore.  Also, I had hoped to meet the Striders for their “Race to the Weekend Event” on Thursday, but I couldn’t summon the energy.  I decided to sleep in and take another day off from running to rest.  I don’t what’s the deal with me lately, but I have been so exhausted and feeling rundown.  I blame it on our prolonged summer and some viral funk going around town. 

Tuesday, 10/6

4.03 Miles

Time 40:22

Ave Pace 10:00


Wednesday, 10/7

40 minute tempo run (According the Hal – Week 6)

4 Miles

 Time 40:36

Ave Pace 10:09


But today, I made it to 8 miles and it felt good to run that distance again.  No weird pains, cramps, sore shins or angry quads.  Tiffany and I took it slow.  We even walked a bit here and there, but I didn’t care about my finish time or pace.  I just wanted to get to eight miles again and we did it.

8 Miles

Time 1:36:39

Ave Pace 12:05


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