I’m a Mom on the Run Again!

Well, I’m more of a wogging (walking/jogging) mom again.  I was seven months pregnant the last time I ran and Wednesday was the first day I ran since the baby was born two months ago.  So, technically it’s been over 4 months since I last ran.


And it felt so good to hit the pavement again!


Since Baby Run DMT isn’t sitting up, I can’t dust off my jogging stroller just yet.  Therefore, I had to improvise and I ran with my UPPAbaby stroller with the bassinet attachment.  For not being a jogging stroller, I was really surprised how smooth it was to run with, although the hood of the bassinet caught the wind and slowed me down.  Well, I blame my pace on the wind. 😉


I think Liam enjoyed all the bouncing while lying in the stroller because it reminded him of the jostling he felt in utero when I ran during my pregnancy.  Or maybe it was the fresh air?  Either way, he was quite content and cooed in his stroller while I ran. And I was content with the fact that I burned off enough calories equivalent to three Corona Lights.


Wednesday, Oct. 6

4 miles

Calories 321

Ave  Pace 17:10

Max Pace 10:28

Time 1:08:37


Thursday, Oct 7

4 miles

Calories 315

Ave Pace 15:53

Max Pace 10:26

Time 1:03:27


Thirty pounds and two months later after my pregnancy, I realized that I may need to invest in a new pair of running shoes.  With the extra baby weight, my balance is a little off and I believe my gait has changed which effects how my foot hits the ground because I had that all too familiar strange pain along the side of my foot again.  I tried to loosen my laces across the top of my foot throughout my run and tightened my shoes around my ankles but it didn’t seem to help.


While running, I also realized that I need to trim my toenails.  I can’t believe I forgot how uncomfortable long toenails can be.  It’s not like my toenails are Howard Hughes in length, but they could use a little filing.  At least, that’s what my running shoes reminded as my toenails kept hitting the meshy tops.  I guess I should have thought of it sooner since it’s been a few weeks since I had my toenails trimmed.  After all, the whites of my nail beds are such a stark contrast to the hot pink polish.  My gnarly toenails could have certainly used a trim.  And maybe a new color and bubbly foot spa and a massage as well.


Despite the weird foot pain and long toenails, it felt good to be out running again.  To keep me running, I’ve decided to register for two races in November: Women’s Running Magazine 5K and Redefining Refuge 5K Fun.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Yeah! Run DMT is back! That is amazing that you were able to go 4 miles with a stroller–I am so proud of you! We should celebrate with a pedicure.

  2. Natasha says:

    Many thanks, and much appreciation for registering for our upcoming event!! We are looking very forward to an amazing day, all while giving a voice to a great cause—we may even be giving away a pedicure! 😉 Love your blogpost by the way! Your writing is very entertaining!

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