Fixating on Four Miles

Falling back into my old ways, I arranged to meet Tiffany (my running partner) on Saturday morning for a 4 mile run.


“I can’t wait to see you–does this mean I will be making your blog again?”


Of course!  Would you expect anything less?


Not only did it feel great to be running again, but it was truly wonderful to be running with Tiffany again.  I know the feeling was mutual because Tiffany kindly said she didn’t mind how slow we went.  She was just glad to be running with me again and getting the miles in.  Now, that’s a true friend and running partner!


As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve decided to participate in the Redefining Refuge 5K Fun Run and the Women’s 5K.  So for my training, I intend to run at least 4 miles each time.  Since I always seem to run more and go farther than 3.1 miles in a race due all my zig-zagging through the crowds, I want my body to be used to going the distance.


For the time being, I have two running goals: 1) Finish four miles under an hour.  2) Try and run at least three times a week.  Last week, I achieved goal #2.


Saturday, Oct. 9

4.40 miles

Calories 394

Ave Pace 15:15

Max Pace 9:37

Time 1:07:02


Despite the difficulties of running with a stroller and a crying a baby, I achieved goal #1 today. Although Baby Run DMT would probably disagree, I think a crying baby helped me move a bit faster.


Tuesday, Oct. 12

4 miles

Calories 365

Ave Pace 14:12

Max Pace 10:09

Time 56:44


Now, hopefully I can run at least two more times this week and achieve goal #2 too.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Yeah! I made your blog again!

    Denise did awesome. I was so proud of her. I know you are going to meet both your goals in no time.

    I am so excited that Run DMT is back again!

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