Random Thoughts about My Muffin Top and My Cycles

During my run yesterday morning, a black cat crossed my path.  Whereas most people would panic about such superstitious events, it reminded me to put out our Halloween decorations.   And with that, the girls and I decorated the yard for Halloween last night.

Last Halloween, Allana suggested making our yard a bit spookier, so when I found a skeleton on clearance after Halloween, I grabbed it.  It still could use a few more gory items but with no grass in our yard, I think we’ve perfected the bone yard graveyard look for now.

Speaking of Halloween, Allana and I were discussing our costumes the other day.  I mentioned how I wanted to dress as a Cheerio from Glee for the Frakenfooter Half Marathon.  “Really?”  Allana asked.  “You’re going dress as a cheerleader?”

“Yes, it will be fun and it’s perfect for the race.”

With a sneer and a sarcastic tone, she interrogated me further.  “You think you can pull off a cheerleader costume?”

“Yes,” I proudly replied ignoring her tone.

Really?  You think you can be a cheerleader with your muffin top?”

Gee. Thanks, kid.  Sheesh.  Out of the mouth of babes.  And where did she learn the phrase muffin top?  Time to cancel my subscription to Shape magazine and time to crank out more crunches.  It might also be time to consider a different costume for the Franekfooter.  Maybe I should go with Blueberry Muffin to conceal my muffin top while embracing and poking somefun at it?

As Allana and my muffin top so kindly reminded me, I have fallen out of the sit-up cycle.  Seriously, it’s bad.  My handlebars ooze over the top of my shorts and pants.  The very same pre-pregnancy shorts I was bragging about fitting into again at the beginning of summer.  What the hell happened?  Hmmmm…maybe it’s the piles of candy corn I’ve been binging on.  Yeah, it could be that.  Or maybe it’s the sheer volume shit I ate at my girlfriends’ getaway catching up with me.  Possibly.  Hmmm….Or maybe it’s because I haven’t seen a sit-up in weeks.  Yep, perfectly reasonable, but I’m going to go with Answer D: All of the above.

Speaking of cycles and falling, I never did get back on my bike this summer.  I just couldn’t do it.  Oh well.  There’s always next summer.  I would like to attempt another triathlon again…*sigh*…someday.

As for other cycles, like my womanly cycles, I keep forgetting to take my pill at the exact time every night which causes me to spot bleed and it totally sucks.  Next week, I have my gyno appointment and I plan to speak with my doctor about other birth control options.  I think I may ask about the NuvaRing, but really my birth control situation all depends on what my insurance will cover, which totally sucks too.  Anybody have any thoughts on NuvaRing?

As for getting back into my running cycle, I started off great this week, thanks to my friend, Larisa.  She harassed texted me until I committed to running with her last Saturday.  She planned to run 18 miles, but that was too big of a jump after my recent 13 miles plus a week off from running.  I decided 15 miles seemed like a reasonable amount.

15 miles 

Time 3:24:17

Ave Pace 13:37

Max Pace 8:38

Best part = Calories 1371 BOOYAH!

Those 15 miles were tough.  The heat got to me and the last two miles really did me in, but I did it and I could walk afterwards.  I thought I would be so sore on Sunday, but it wasn’t too bad.  Nothing a little stretching and yoga couldn’t fix.

After a day of recovery and rest, I was back in full running mode on Monday.  The early morning sky was clear and full of stars and the slightly cooler weather felt refreshing.  It was a pretty decent run too.

3.1 miles

Time 34:44

Ave Pace 11:13

Max Pace 7:58

When I walked out the door for a four mile run this morning, the humidity hit me right away.  It wasn’t quite the same beautiful morning as the day before, but at least the run as decent.

4 miles

Time 44:18

Ave Pace 11:05

Max Pace 8:10

Since Allan has declared Wednesday morning as his early at the office day, I won’t be able to run with Tracey of Suncoast Running on Wednesday mornings for the time being.  Therefore, I’ve decided to make Wednesdays my strength training day with some Boot Camp stuff thrown into the mix to help remove this muffin top.  Then, maybe at that point Allana will approve of me wearing a Cheerio costume.  I’ve got a little over a month to make it happen.

*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*



  1. Rachel A. Hanson says:

    Definitely a great post, thanks for sharing :). I had the same problem with the pill and I’ve been in Implanon for about a year now. It’s really great, I have no complaints about it. My favorite “side effect” is that I never get my period, which I’m a huge fan of.

  2. Elle says:

    That reminds me I need to get my Halloween decorations out. Your yard does look nice and creepy. I told the kids they had until this weekend to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween. I need the whole month to brainstorm and then the night before to make them.

    I’m seriously impressed with your running. Sounds like you could pull off the cheerleader costume to me!

    Thanks for stopping by for RTT!

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