Race for the Cure 2011 Recap

I always enjoy the Race for the Cure 10K.  The course is gorgeous.  The distance is just right.  And for a slow runner like me, there’s no pressure.  Just me and tens of thousands people doing good in the ‘hood to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

This year, my friend, Heather joined in the fun for her first 10K race.  I warned Heather that I often walk the water stations and not to feel bad if we separated, especially since I have a tendency to take a lot of photos while I run races.  Imagine how fast I could be if I didn’t take so many photos?

But I truly love taking photos while I run, because I capture moments like this.

 And it makes my race recaps just that more entertaining.  Otherwise, I’d have no evidence of this sweet handsome officer who volunteered to be my boyfriend.  I couldn’t resist capturing the moment.  I love a man in uniform.  Poor guy doesn’t even know what he got himself into.

But I digress…

The weather was perfect for our race.  With no humidity, it felt cooler than the forecasted 71 degrees.

The first part of the course led us along the St. Pete Pier which is always my favorite part.  As we ran towards the sunrise, the sun appeared to smile like a spectator cheering for us as we ran by.

From the Pier, we ran along the waterfront and passed the new location for the Dail museum and airfield.  This part of the course had a strange odor, like hot garbage.  Maybe they were melting more clocks for Dali’s exhibits?

Then the course led us through the streets of downtown St. Pete which was the largest portion of the 10K with a subtle incline. Thankfully, there were water stations just after each mile marker to walk it off.

The last mile, led us along the bay again and then finally to the finish line.

Chip Time 1:04:44

Overall 479

Div 34/77

Garmin Time 1:04:49

Ave Pace 10:14

Max Pace 7:26

I was really pleased with my time.  It’s my fastest 10K time post-baby.  Heather finished about 1 minute before me and as I expected, she did great (1:03:36).  I don’t even think she broke a sweat.

This fast crew (Jackie, Tara and Scott of Suncoast Running) finished about 15 minutes before Heather and me.  Even if I stopped taking photos during races, I could never be as fast as this lot.

But from what I understand, my running friends secretly enjoy their own personal paparazzi at all the races.  And for that, I’ll keep on flashing snapping and running.

Unknown Mami


  1. runningbetty says:

    Sorry we’re not in any of your photos this year 🙁 Darn Disney race on the same weekend… I’m glad you had a great time! Please let me know the next time you come to St Pete for a run!

  2. Clare says:

    Don’t even think about giving up your camera!! Blogging is our accountability and how we share. You looked great Denise! Hope to run into you again soon 🙂

  3. Keepie DaNiece says:

    All you runners have my admiration while I sit on my couch watching football.

    And to do it for such a good cause.

    I wonder if someone will ever sponsor a “Football on the Couch for The Cure?” Cause I could be a regular participant in THAT!

    • Run DMT says:

      How sweet! Thank you. 🙂 FYI: Race for the Cure has a Couch Potato participant option. You’ll be doing good from the comfort of your couch. 😉

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