Walking the Walk and Saving My Own Ta-Tas

Turning 40 this year was more than a milestone.  It meant I would qualify for annual mammograms.  Now, I would have to take action to save my own ta-tas with a baseline mammogram.

As protocol, I was told not to wear deodorant or lotions for my mammogram, but I didn’t know what to wear.  What clothes do women wear for a mammogram? Should I wear something pink?  Thank goodness I tweeted my questions, because I learned a two piece outfit (t-shirt and shorts) would be best unless I wanted to bare more than my breasts.

Fortunately, my OB office offers mammograms on site.  If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now.  I love my OB office, Partners in OB.  All the labs and screenings are done on site.  The staff and the doctors are simply wonderful and my technicians, Linda and Isabella, are no exception.  (Isabella was a fabulous babysitter and photographer too.)

Despite all the horror stories I’ve heard about boobies being flattened like pancakes, it didn’t hurt at all, but then that could be one benefit of itty bitty titties. Linda, the technician, eased my nervousness and explained the whys and hows of the images.  She said everything looked good, but my doctor would review the images and more may be needed, but not to worry.

And for being such an excellent patient screened during October, I was rewarded with a pink ribbon pin and a pen.

A few days before my mammogram, I read some staggering statistics.  One woman dies every 74 seconds from breast cancer.  For my children and my husband, I refuse to be that woman.

Breast cancer awareness means more than wearing ribbons and pink outfits.  It means more than running a 10K race.  It means I need to walk the walk and put my money where my milkies are put my breasts on a shelf because even tiny ta-tas need squishing saving.

Because I am the cure.

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  1. debi9kids says:

    glad to hear it didn’t hurt you.
    I too will be turning 40 this year and am SO not looking forward to this (as I have GIANT boobs. OUCH!)

    Anything that prevents cancer and raises awareness, I am ALL over that!

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