Pink Prayers for Miss Sharon

Just before Christmas, I received some startling news about the girls’ preschool teacher, Miss Sharon.  Finding myself at a loss for words, all I could do was cry and pray for her to survive this.

Miss Sharon will begin the New Year with a double mastectomy.  Through it all she has maintained a positive attitude and her sense of humor, which we would only expect from this amazing woman.

Later this fall, when I when we run the Race for the Cure, we run for Miss Sharon without a doubt.

We are all sending you healing prayers for a quick recovery.  We love you, Miss Sharon.



  1. Jacob Tysz says:

    I don’t know her, of course, but as a family who has gone through this, I wish her all the best for a successful and quick recovery!!!

  2. cooper says:

    I am so inspired by people like Miss Sharon who face adversity with positive attitudes. These folks are the survivors. Prayers for her.

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