Janathon 2012 – Day 2, 3, 4, and 5

PhotobucketHere we are 5 days into the Janathon and I’ve already failed. Yay me.  I ran 3.1 miles on Day 2 and logged it on Running Free, but I didn’t blog about it.  So I’ll share my stats three days later.

3.1 miles

Time 32:12

Ave Pace 10:23

Max Pace 8:37

My family and I went to Universal Studios that day and there was just no time for blogging between rides.  Do I get extra points for walking around an amusement park?  So, less than a week into Janathon and I’ve already lost.

This is where you tell me that no one is a loser if the Janathon encourages you to move.  Um yeah….about that….

 On Day 3, a cold front rolled through, so I did 31 minutes of Wii Fit plus 140 crunches and 30 pushups (which took about ten minutes).  I don’t run outside in temps below 40.  I know. I know. No excuses, but I’m a fair weather runner. Listen, last fall I got over my rain issues, so give me time.  I may come around the cold too.

But I have to tell you. I’m not crazy about this Wii Fit thing.  I can see how it helps with conditioning, but I didn’t feel like I really worked-out.  My girls love it, though.  So, if it gets my family moving then that’s a good thing, right?

Um yeah….about my whole family moving…

On Day 4, my SIL and niece came over and did some Wii Fit exercises with my girls.  Notice I said “my girls”, because I nodded off on the couch waiting for my turn.  Yep, that’s right. I got nothing for Day 4.  Not even 1 sit-up or pushup or a 1mile walk.  Nothing.  I’m a Janathon joke and Wii Fit failure now too.  I know.   I suck.

But never fear! I redeemed myself today on Day 5 with a 3.1 mile run! Well, I sort of redeemed myself because I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill at my friend’s gym (@fmc3) and it took me freaking 47:18! Are you f*cking kidding me?  WTF is that?!

It was so pathetic that my Garmin didn’t even register the run.  I think about halfway into it, my Garmin said I went 19 feet at a pace of 47:00 minutes.  How sad is that?!  I embarrassed my Garmin.  And you should have seen how hard I sweated!  But at least my sweat drops didn’t become icicles hanging off my nose running outside in that frigid 28 degrees air.

After my pathetic run, I decided to take advantage of the machines in the gym.  I busted 4 sets of leg extensions, leg curls and lateral pulls.  That felt good.  Lord knows, I need the strength training.

I also added some sit-ups and pushups into Day 5’s work-out with 180 crunches/pilates and 30 pushups.