Pinning and Planning – April 14

I only have one more week to deal with hubby’s crazy travel schedule which is right in the middle of FCAT week (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test). Grades 3-12 grade will endure a completely ridiculous, stressful exam in order to be promoted.  It’s a horrible exam and everyone feels the pressure statewide: the students, the teachers, the administrators and the parents.  *sigh* Thankfully, I will only be flying solo one evening during testing week.

As for our dinner menu, last week we packed on the protein to prepare my muscles.  This week, I’m serving lots of brain food for good test scores.

S – Pork Chile Verde with Cilantro Rice (Still refining this tasty recipe! Use juice of 3 limes and no zest!)

M – Caprese Paninis and Broccoli Salad

T – Chicken Veracruz with Garlic and Spinach Rice

W – Penne and Asparagus

Th – Black Bean Quesadillas and/or Cuban Quesadillas (Reduced fat Swiss Cheese, Pickles and leftover Pork Chili Verde)

F – Pizza

What’s on your dinner menu this week?


  1. Sandra says:

    I will be trying the garlic and spinach rice. Yum! Not sure what’s on my menu yet, but I do the same as you and plan ahead every week. We just ended up eating out some this weekend so my menu got pushed back along with my grocery shopping :o). I’m not complaining! Love your blog!

  2. artsnark says:

    I hear you – my husband is gone all week. Trying to keep my 3rd grader calm about the tests & the poor thing has come down with a nasty cold on top of it.
    Your menu is looking good – what time is dinner (winks)

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