Get Grounded Footwear {Giveaway}

Disclosure: I received two pairs of Get Grounded Footwear ladies sandals in exchange for my honest review and for the purpose of a giveaway.  The opinions shared are my own.

What if feeling better could be a simple as changing your shoes? 

Would you try it?

Get Grounded Footwear LogoAs runner, I was curious about Get Grounded Footwear and its promise to help aid in my recovery after long runs.  Since I also suffer from plantar fasciitis, I can never be barefoot as my heels need constant support which according to science behind grouding (also known as earthing) disconnects from  the Earth and contributes to chronic pain, fatigue, added stress and poor sleep.

With my plantar fasciitis heels, I often wake up with a stiffness and sore heels in the morning.  After a couple of days in the Get Grounded sandals, I noticed a huge difference.

I also wore them after my Frankenfooter half marathon.  During that race, I experienced tightness in my hamstrings and an intense soreness in my legs.  During the recovery after the race, I wore the Get Grounded flip-flops and my pain quickly subsided.

More than just a means to a runner’s recovery, I was truly amazed by how quickly I noticed improvement in my sleep patterns and my allergies while wearing the Get Grounded shoes. There is a great deal of science behind the design of these shoes.

Get Grounded Footwear supports the ancient science called, Grounding, which connects your body to the natural energy radiating from the Earth. When the human body becomes grounded, it readjusts to its natural state, creating a physiological balance.  Those who practice grounding have noted better sleep patterns, feel better and have more energy.

Understanding it’s not always possible (or safe) to walk barefoot outside, Get Grounded Footwear has created a trade-secret technology to ground you, while promoting a healthier lifestyle and providing effortless style, comfort and wellness.

Because the shoes are made of carbon patented material called TerraMater®, there is a bit of weight to the shoes, but it didn’t tire my feet.  In fact they did the opposite.  The Get Grounded flip-flops reenergized my shoes.

When I first began wearing the Get Grounded flip-flops, I did feel a tiny pinch on the top of my foot under the strap, but the strap loosened and it no longer pinched.  With each wear, I found the shoes more and more comfortable.

I also love how flattering the shoes are.  They’re casual enough for every day wear but the silver straps, offer a dressier appearance.  The shoes are versatile enough to wear with jeans, shorts and a skirt.  The beauty of Get Grounded flip-flops is I can wear them all year long in Florida which means I’m grounding all year round too.

Are you willing to Get Grounded?


One lucky Run DMT reader will win a pair of ladies Get Grounded Footwear (a retail value of $49.95).  See the styles and specifications of the shoes here (Sizes 4.5-10; available in black, gold and silver) and comment below as to the style you would like if selected.

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