When Life Handed Him Lemons, He Made LÉMONESSE {review}

Disclosure: I received a bottle of LÉMONESSE for the purpose of this review and to promote the LÉMONESSE Kickstarter campaign. The opinions shared are my own.

Being a blogger puts me in the unique position to stumble upon some of the most amazing people. I often find myself meeting people from all walks of life who sadly find themselves in an unfortunate situation and yet somehow, turn it into a positive experience.

Such was the story of Adam Leja. After a crippling car accident caused by a drunk driver, life literally handed Adam lemons and he made lemon water. Believing that perhaps the pressure of alcoholic consumption causes people to be careless, Adam decided to create a beverage that would “refresh with finesse” while offering a healthy, guilt-free refreshment to social gatherings.


LÉMONESSE is the first organic lemon water. Natural spring water infused with organic lemons and a hint of lemon oil to offer a rich, refreshing and crisp drink. Presented in a gorgeous glass bottle, it’s as visually appealing and as it is flavorful.


When I received my bottle LÉMONESSE, I immediately placed it in the fridge to chill overnight. Ice cold tap water served with a slice of lemon is a ritualistic refreshment for Floridians, but I didn’t want melted down ice cubes to hinder or water down my sample of LÉMONESSE. I wanted to taste it ice cold and savor the flavor for an honest review.

So what did think of LÉMONESSE?

I served myself a generous pour in a wine glass to offer the satisfaction of a sophisticated beverage on par with its beautiful bottle presentation. While its milky white appearance fooled my brain into thinking of it as sweet beverage, my taste buds loved the tartness. As a low calorie, healthy beverage, I found LÉMONESSE to be quite refreshing. It will be a perfect companion to our cook-outs this summer.

If you are interested in sampling LÉMONESSE, learning more about the product or even backing this product, visit the LÉMONESSE Kickstarter campaign here. Like LÉMONESSE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay to in the LÉMONESSE loop.


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