LeapFrog LeapBand – Fit Made Fun!

Disclosure: I received free products in order to host a LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

With all the fit watches, bands, bits and loops on the market, more and more parents are modeling fit lifestyles for their kids. Now young children can join on the fit fun with the LeapFrog LeapBands. With fun games and challenges, LeapFrog LeapBand makes fitness fun and even encourages the whole family to join in on the fun.

On September 6th, in time for National Fit Made Fun Day, I hosted a play date for our little friends to try out the new LeapFrog LeapBand. Thanks to the wonderful resources online at LeapFrog from game suggestions to snack ideas, I could plan a truly fun event for all our friends. There were even awards and ribbons to celebrate our achievements!LeapFrog LeapBand Fit Made Fun #FitMadeFun

To keep it simple while offering enough space to move, we met at our neighborhood park. We kicked off the Fit Made Fun activities with a simple Healthy Habits Hunts. Using the healthy snack print outs online, my oldest daughter hid the healthy snacks around the park for the children to explore and find. The child that found the most snacks won a box of Clif Kid ZBars. After running around the park and working up an appetite searching for healthy snacks, I provided the children with items for a healthy parfait station. Using small pots of low fat vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and ZBars for granola toppings, the kids could create their own personal perfect parfait.

Once finished with their snacks, we took on the pre-loaded challenges in LeapBand which are perfect for young children between the ages 4-7, although the moms and big kids enjoyed silly, fit made fun aactivities

The kids took turns wearing the watch and completing the fitness activities prompted by the virtual pet in the LeapBand. They giggled as they wiggled and laughed as they crawled like turtles. LeapFrog LeapBand


Although the kids loved the silly challenges, they created their own challenge when my oldest discovered the stopwatch feature in the LeapBand. Upon finding that feature, the kids came up with the idea to time their “sprints” around the park which then developed into races.

I loved that the kids found their own way to make fit fun with the help of the LeapFrog LeapBand. At the end of the Fit Made Fun play date, we celebrated everyone’s achievements with personal ribbons and of course, everyone left with of Clif Kid ZBars. All my own children (ages 13, 9, and 4) and their friends (ages ranging from 4 – 10) enjoyed the LeapBand and it is definitely a way to get the whole family involved in Fit Made Fun. The pre-loaded challenges are fun and geared for younger children although my whole family loves to be silly and fit.

The Run DMT Review:

The LeapFrog LeapBand is available in three colors: green, blue, pink and retails for $39.99. It will make a perfect gift for active children that love video games, however, it also encourages sedentary children to move through creative play and fun engagement. All kids (big and small) love that they can choose a virtual pet and the pet responds to their activity as well as their virtual nurturing.

LeapFrog LeapBand

With the USB cord that comes with the LeapBand, parents can sync the device, track and customize activity as well as download additional challenges and games online. The sound quality is low, but the voice is audible and clear.  Being outside made the device difficult to hear, but the volume is set to a perfect level when playing inside. Measuring at less than 1.5″ x 3/4″ and weighing approximately 1.5 oz , the device fits small children perfectly, but the latch is plastic which could break through regular use. No additional bands are provided. LeapFrog LeapBand Overall, my kids love this product and I loved that it encouraged them to move. Designed with little fit kids in mind, LeapFrog LeapBand definitely made fit fun for the whole family!


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