Six Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 7) marks National Running Day also known as Global Running Day worldwide. No matter what you choose to call this day, the first Wednesday is June has officially been proclaimed as a day to celebrate the love of running by pledging to run on the day and motivating others to participate.

Besides going for a run (like duh), there are some other great ways to honor the day.

Six Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

Six Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

First, take the pledge.

Commit to running on National Running Day by taking the pledge on Simply fill out the form and make your commitment. After submitting your pledge, you have option of sharing your pledge on social media and downloading fun badges and graphics.

Global Running Day

Plan a group run or join one.

Get out there and run. Get your friends involved by planning a running meetup. Or, take a run around the block with your kids or fur baby. You never know, you may inspire someone to become a runner just by sharing your love for running.

If you’re not ready to plan a group run, find a running meetup by searching Expect to find many local coffee shops and running stores hosting group runs for National Running Day. Some local running stores even plan evening group runs that finish at a pub. #willrunforbeer Call your local running store or check their Facebook pages to discover what National Running Day events have been planned.

Run for charity.

Make National Running Day a day to move with purpose. There are so many organizations that combine a passion for running with the love of helping others. Contact your local Girls on the Run chapter and learn how to become a running role model, coach or running buddy. Or, join I Run 4 and be inspired to run for others who face physical and mental challenges.

You can also download the Charity Miles app and log run miles for your favorite charity. Basically, the Charity Miles app trackw your miles and every mile you log becomes money donated to your chose charity through funds from corporate partners that support the program. It’s a simple, small act that makes a huge impact for charities in need.

If you have a medal rack overflowing with medals, consider donating some of your medals to Medals 4 Mettle, an organization that awards repurposed medals to children and adults fighting debilitating illness who may not be able to run a race but in a race for their life.

Charity Miles AppGet fitted for shoes.

Whether you’re just beginning to stack up the miles or you’ve put a load of miles on your running shoes, a proper fitting is so important. If you are running in the wrong shoes, you can really do some damage. Even if you have been running in the same shoe for years, shoe manufactures are notorious for redesigning and changing shoes or even discontinuing shoes. Therefore, have your gait analyzed and have a professional observe your running patterns to determine you are running a shoe that supports and cushions your natural stride.

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Sign up for a race.

If you have decided to make National Running Day your day to begin a commitment to running regularly, then set yourself a goal by registering for a race. If you are a novice, sign up for your first 5K. If you have been running for a while and you are ready for a new challenge, then sign up for a race and commit to a new goal such as a new PR, faster finish time or your first long distance race (10K, half marathon or marathon). Expect to see many race organizations offering discount codes in celebration of National Running Day. Follow your favorite race organizations on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and watch for race discounts.

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Get social.

Take a #sweatyselfie and share your #GlobalRunningDay #NationalRunningDay photo on all your social media channels to help the spread word about National Running Day and Global Running Day. Inspire others to get moving and take the first step to live a fit life.

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How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?

National Running Day

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