Happy 14th Birthday, Emmalynn

As I snuggle with you on the couch, I slip into a memory of holding a tiny baby. This young woman curled up next to me is longer and taller than me, but still curls into a ball to cuddle with her mom.


You’re growing into an amazing person, but I want to slow down time and play dress up again with my superhero princess.

I want to wear fancy dresses while sipping tea and sampling freshly baked goodies prepared by our beautiful baker.

Emmalynn - Unicorn Funfetti Cupcake

Can we build blanket forts and read books all day?


I just want time to stand still for a moment, even though you were never a child to slow down.

Tallahassee Museum - Emmalynn in Tunnel

As you enter high school, no matter how much taller you may be than me, I want you to know you will always be my little snuggle bunny baby.


Our little snickerdoodle

Emmalynn - June 2013

Our little monkey

Fairy Emmalynn 2011

Our forever LEGO loving,

Wand wielding, Harry Potter Party - banner

Dragon trainer,

Dinosaur digging,

Emmalynn - Dinosaur World - June 2018

Beautiful baking,Emmalynn - Victoria Sponge Cake

Creative and clever tiny cool.

Happy 14th birthday, Emmalynn.


Emmalynn - 8th Grade Dance May 2019