Rolling with Five Minutes for Fitness

I’ve been slacking a bit, but it’s time to get things rolling again with Five Minues for Fitness.  


Obviously, there are numerous health benefits to dancing.  It’s a great cardio activity to burn calories, strengthen and tone, but no night clubs or dance studios or formal training required for this fun, simple work-out.  You can shimmy and shake it in the comfort of your own living room.   


Since I love to dance, I tore up the dance floor at my sister’s wedding.  I even rocked out my best Tina Turner dance moves when The Stick Martin Show played Proud Mary.  When I popped my Proud Mary, I used a variety of muscle groups trying to dance like Tina. 


So, for this week’s Five Minutes for Fitness, I encourage you to try the Tina Turner work-out.  Keep those legs moving!  Work those legs like your doing football drills through tires! Dance like no one is watching!  Keep on burning!




  1. lindsay says:

    first i need to get a top like that and then i will do these moves – anything to get my legs to look like that! i might leave out the mooning in the beginning though.

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