More Random Thoughts About Running and Weight Loss

Janathon/JuneathonBetween a cranky baby and doctor appointments, my running routine got all screwed up suffered.  But the good news is I lost another 2.5 lbs for a total of 6.5 pounds and my belt moved over another notch.


Go me! Go me!  Long live Janathon!


During the Janathon and the first month of my Weight Loss Challenge, I promised to avoid dining out, which means no MNO (Mom’s Night Out) or LNO (Ladies Night Out). But the sacrifice will spare me from all those extra calories and help save money too.  A fat wallet is good, but a fat butt not so much.


Saturday night, my husband and I attended a business-related dinner at Café Ponte with his work colleagues and I tried to be so good.  I only had one glass of red wine, limited my helpings of the Hors d’oeuvres, ate only one slice of bread, ordered the Chilean sea bass instead of chicken or the filet, and ate half of my chocolate torte.  After the dinner, we attended our friend, John’s 40th Birthday shindig and throughout the whole party, I only drank water during and avoided the food.  Shocking, I know.


But enough about the food I did and didn’t eat.  Onto my Janathon running stats!


Last Wednesday morning was a wet one, so I decided to run in the afternoon, but Little Lion Man didn’t like that idea and only let me finish 2.5 miles.  Running with a stroller offers a decent amount resistance training, but I don’t enjoy it very much and obviously neither does Liam.


January 12

2.5 miles

Time 33:02

Ave Pace 13:14

Max Pace 10:14


Thursday I visited my allergist and wasted hours sitting in his office.


On Friday, I joined my BFF Sharon Mann for another 50 minutes of boot camp.  I think Sharon was happy to see me again because she treated me much nicer than she did previous week.  The 1000 squats and lunges didn’t hurt as much, but it might have had something to do with muscle memory.


All those squats and lunges really helped prepare my legs to take on 7 miles on Saturday.  I ran much faster and at 6 miles, I noticed that I beat last week’s time by 5 minutes (1:13:02).  NICE!


January 15

7 miles

Time 1:24

Ave Pace 12:08

Max Pace 8:51


Here’s the best part.—> Calories Burned: 697 (So freaking AWESOME! All that running made room for DH’s business dinner.)


Sunday, I passed on the yoga and walked 2 miles with my family.  It felt good to get out and move again the day after a long run.


Monday morning brought some scary thunderstorms and heavy rain.  I swore that I would run later that evening, but that never happened.  Why do I even kid myself? I am always way too exhausted to run in the evening.


Today, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to fit in 3 miles because I was NOT going to lose another day, not after I’ve been doing so well.  And no joke, I AM doing really well.  I shaved another minute and a half off my time.  SWEET!


January 18

3.1 miles

Time 36:15

Ave Pace 11:41

Max Pace 9:13


At this point, I am really proud of my progress and my Gasparilla half marathon goal appears attainable.


***Proudly submitted at The Un Mom’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, because when I blog about my runs, it’s usually pretty random.***




  1. kimert says:

    You are rocking the running!!!
    I’m running my first half marathon in April. nervous!!! I’m slacking on the miles due to a lovely case of bronchitis but I’m hoping it is almost outta here so I can get back to my training!
    You go girl!!!! Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Nicole (Ninja Mom) says:

    Happy RTT!

    I’ve been running off and on for about, oh, a lifetime now. I’m not nearly as dedicated to it as I’d like to be, but you might just have me motivated to try a “I’m here to run!” approach, as opposed to “Oh, I’m here, maybe I should run.”

    Good luck!

  3. dmwright says:

    I bow down to you. I HATE running! But I admire anyone who does. It all started in HS gym class when we had to run around the track 6 times. With the boys watching from inside the track playing softball. Boys watching big, hurting boobies bouncing up and down. Talk about scarred for life. So no, running is not my thing. LOL

  4. Aisha Miller says:

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