Pinning and Planning – September 23

No  plan is foolproof.  Last week, I planned some new recipes, but there were a few hiccups.

First, it was difficult to prepare the Crock Pot Peanut Thai, because I couldn’t find all the ingredients in the grocery store.  So, I had to revamp my menu in the middle of my grocery shopping.  Fortunately, the Greenwise whole chicken was on sale so I saved the menu with my always-a-family-favorite Mojo chicken with roasted vegetables and mashed cauliflower (one of my favorite side dishes.)  And the leftover chicken made a delicious Curried Chicken Salad.

Later in the week, I tried to prepare Creamy Avocado Fettuccine, but that was a disaster.  I rushed through the recipe without reading the directions carefully.  My finished product looked more like guacamole than creamy roasted tomato sauce.  The flavors were there but I want a need a dinner do-over and so I’m attempting the recipe again this week.

Was anyone else disappointed with the Publix sales ad this week?  I found the weekly ad lacking in specials on seasonal vegetables and fruits, but offered deals on way too many prepackaged processed meals.  What’s up with that?  Publix get with the unprocessed program!

At least the Greenwise sirloin and chicken fillets are on sale and here’s how those meats will be used in this week’s menu:

S – Steak fajitas

M – Creamy Avocado Fettuccine

T – Ground Turkey Tacos

W – Skinnytaste’s Chicken Tikka Masala and Roasted Cauliflower

Th – Chicken Sausage and Bean Stew

F – Pizza

What yummy meals are you pinning and planning to make this week?  Any dinner re-dos for you?

Link up and share what meals you’re pinning and planning.  If you’re not on Pinterest, send me an email and send you an invite.


  1. Dash says:

    Crockpot Peanut Thai looks delicious, what a shame you weren’t able to make it this week – I’d love to see how it turns out if you do make it.

    I’m planning to try a few Moroccan recipes that my Foodie Penpal sent me this week, I’m a big fan of Moroccan food but haven’t really cooked much beyond very basic couscous recipes so it will be a bit of a culinary adventure for me.

    • Run DMT says:

      I love Moroccan foods and flavors, especially the earthiness of those dishes. You just reminded me of some dishes Iron Chef Allan and I used to make. I need to dig those up recipes and make them again. Good luck with your culinary adventure!

      BTW…I found the red curry paste at another supermarket so I’ll try that Thai recipe soon! 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    I pinned a pizza casserole that I have hight hopes for. Not the healthiest, but it’s somewhere to start with my picky eaters! We also had a sweet & spicy Grilled bacon chicken last night. YUM!!!! If you haven’t seen it, you should search my board for it. Even one of my picky eaters liked it 🙂

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