Roasted Veggies and Asiago Flatbread

PhotobucketI have a new Friday night favorite other than our usual pizza.  Iron Chef and I made this Roasted Veggie Flatbread as a team.  I prepared the roasted garden vegetables of baby Portabella mushrooms, red onions, zucchini and yellow squash using my roasted veggie recipe while Allan made the dough using this New York style pizza crust recipe.  The steps for flatbread are very similar to pizza but Allan has perfected his crust even more since I shared that recipe.

First, he flours the board with lots of flour.  Then, using a rolling pin, he rolls out dough as thin as possible, about ¼- 1/8 of an inch and lets the dough sit for a minute or two.  Then, he rolls it out and let again to 1/8 of inch.   This process produces a thin, crispy gorgeous crust that’s perfect for the crispness for flatbread.

This week, we decided to serve Roasted Veggie and Asiago Flatbread for Meatless Monday.  The combination of charred veggies and about 2 Tbsp of shaved Asiago cheese with the crispy flatbread was better than I had hoped.  This may replace our regular red sauce Friday night pizza tradition.

Thanks for joining our weekly Friday Food Fight! Can’t wait to see what everyone is flinging this week! 

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  1. beka says:

    yum!!! I love almos every kind of flatbread. I’m going to have to give this a whirl since I’m such a pizza addict – good alternative! 🙂

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